Saturday, July 23, 2016

Well This Sucks & Other Stuff

How come every time I am about to go on a trip my camera dies?

2 years ago my camera died 1 week before I was to leave on my solo road trip to the Midwest.
Now the camera I bought then died last Monday while on my Virginia trip.
I suspect it might just be the battery so I've ordered a replacement one that should be here by Wednesday.
If the battery turns out NOT to be the problem, guess who'll be going out Thursday to buy a new camera before leaving town next weekend?
This gal.

I sure hope it's just the battery and I don't have to shell out $200+ for a new camera.
But they make it in purple now so that's something to look forward to if I need to purchase a new camera.  8-)

It's currently 94F here now.
Hubs cut the grass before noon and about had a stroke it was already so humid and warm.  I told him to just let the frickin' grass grow! lolz

Then we hit Sallie's this afternoon with a donation load and then hit the Bread Outlet for bread and rolls as we were completely out.
A quick run into the local Shursave grocery for ground beef and a few other things.
My food budget for July is officially shot as of Friday when I hit Weis(PMITA)Markets.
Food spending is sitting at $500+ now.
I am so disgusted.

I made hamburgers for everyone and said that is all the cooking I am doing today.
Y'all want dinner?......y'all have to figure that out for yourselves as I am not setting foot in the kitchen again today, I am reclining in my chair and binging on OITNB and then heading upstairs for a nap in the a/c'ed bedroom.



  1. I think the grass around here has stopped growing! It's a lovely shade of brown. I've gone over my July food budget too! :(

  2. It is so hot here, mid 90s last I heard with humidity at 76%.Ihave spent little as bargains for me don't exist. The first two weeks have better deals. Sorry about the camera. My camera works just cannot get the Kodak program back.

  3. Bummer about the camera!

    I am over on the food monthly average, but I always am in July when I start buying bulk produce from local farmers to freeze or can.

    The bad thing about OITNB is the ability to binge. It only took me 2 days to watch the entire series. Hope you have more self restraint than I do. I have watched the last 2 episodes over and over.

  4. It was so humid here yesterday more so than any other day this week. Tough time to have to mow the lawn. It finally rained really hard here yesterday and hopefully it will be a little less humid today. Hope the new battery fixes your camera.

  5. The weather is like that every day here until....October! It's rough, but I'm actually used to it now. I go through cameras like candy, so I try not to pay more than $100 for them. Plus the cam in my phone isn't bad so I use that a lot.

  6. Shortly after I bought my last camera, the daily Amazon email featured a set of two extra batteries (rechargeables) for the camera for like $15. That has saved my bacon a few times.

  7. spouse mowed the lawn last tuesday morning; that's it until the heat wave breaks. thank the dogs and cats for central air conditioning cause we are NOT going outside. except to go to work...

  8. The atmosphere couldn't hold anymore water and we had multiple bought of potential rain. I still haven't bought my camera yet. Maybe we could get a two for one.

  9. Sluggy is not a fan of HHH? I bought a cannon point & shoot on Amazon a couple summers ago - freaking hot pink! Wouldn't you know that little mf'r takes great shots. Only downside is it takes a rechargeable canon battery - but I bought another when I found out how happy I was with the picture quality. Now hubs looks silly using the hot pink camera when we go on a trip....but it beats lugging his canon slr and all its lenses around. This one fits in my purse!

    Look on Amazon - I paid less than $200 and have been so much happier
    Signed a die hard Nikon owner

  10. Perhaps you should institute a feed yourself day at least once a week. I am upgrading my phone soon (4 years old) and the new cameras in phones are almost as good as my expensive DSLR digital camera, that way I only lug it around when I am local. Hope you get the camera issue sorted :)


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