Saturday, July 2, 2016

State of the Freezer & Pantry

Taking a page out of Anne in the Kitchen's book, I decided to track what we used up from the freezer and pantry in June on dinners.
I also tried to track what we added to both in June.


* 3 packages of chuck steaks
* 2 packages of cubed steak
* 2 whole chickens
* 2 London Broils
* 2 lbs. of Flounder
* 2 packages of Kilebasa
* 3 packages of Pork Chops
* 1 large Ziploc of homemade Meatballs
* 2 packages of Italian Sausage
* 2 packages of Chicken Thighs
* 2 packages of Salmon
* 1/3 bag of potato crusted Fish
* 3 bags of Ravioli
* 2 bags of Brussels Sprouts
* 1 bag of Cauliflower
* 1 bag of Broccoli
* 1 bag of Yellow Squash
* 1 bag Mushrooms
* 2 bags of Assorted Veggie(can't remember which kinds)
* 2 large Ziplocs of Home grown Collards
* 1 package Stuffed Clams
* 2 packages chicken Breakfast Sausages
* 1 bag Gnocchi
* 1/2 bag of Corn Dogs
* 1lb Ground Beef roll
* 2 packages of Bacon


* 1 can corn
* 1 can of creamed corn
* 1 box of spaghetti
* 1 bottle Italian dressing
* 2 cans crushed tomatoes
* 1 can puree tomatoes
* 1 jar spaghetti sauce
* 1 bag Spanish rice mix
* 1 box pasta shells
* 2 cans baked Beans
* 3 cups Risotto Rice
* 2 boxes Stuffing mix
* 1 bag Alfredo noodles
* 1 box instant mac & cheese
* 1/2 jar roasted Red Peppers
* 3 cans green Chiles
* 1 can Refried Beans
* 1 bag Hush Puppy mix
* 1/2 box White Rice
* 3 boxes Cornbread mix
* 1 box of Chicken Stock
* 1 can Tomato Soup
* 1 quart Vegetable Oil
* 1 package Flour Tortillas
* 2/3 package Corn Tortillas
* 1 jar of Pimientoes

And here is what went into the Freezer and Pantry in June.....


* 1 bag of Shrimp
* 1 package Stuffed Clams
* 2 packages London Broil
* 2 lbs Ground Beef
* 1 roll Breakfast Sausage
* 2 packages R/S Bacon
* 2 bags Gnocchi
* 1 box of Corn Dogs
* 4 lbs of Ground Beef rolls
* 2 bags of Broccoli
* 1 bag of Chicken Strips
* 3 Pork Shoulders(small ones)
* 3 packages of Chicken Thighs
* 1 small Sirloin Steak
* 1 package Cubed Steaks
* 2 boxes Breaded Shrimp
* 6 packages of Bacon
* 2 packages of Turkey Breakfast Sausage


* 1 can tomato Soup
* 1 half gallon Vegetable Oil
* 1 package Fettuccine Noodles
* 1 package Flour Tortillas
* 1 package Corn Tortillas
* 2 boxes instant au gratin Potatoes
* 7 bags assorted noodle side dishes
* 2 bags of Instant Taters
* 1 bag Brown Sugar
* 3 cans Beefaroni
* 14 bottles of Salad Dressing
* 4 canisters of Lemonade
* 2 jars of Pimientoes
* 2 jars of Pickles
* 3 boxes of Taco Shells

If I hadn't added more to the Freezer in June it would be half empty by now.  With Daughter and BF's freezer purchases in June it's just about at the same levels of cream cartons and boxes breakfast sandwiches seem to take up more room comparatively than most items. ;-)
We did add less than we used up on both fronts in June.



  1. You did a much better job on your freezer usage than I did. I had not thought of listing the pantry but that is not a bad idea either.
    I am hoping to freeze lots of summer produce this month, but will continue to add sale priced meats and poultry when/if really good sales happen.

  2. I have a clipboard here ready to do the same thing. I just have to get off the computer. lol

  3. Sluggy,
    I thought you only had the refrigerator over the freezer after all your freezer problems. I must have forgotten if you got a new freezer to replace the new freezer that quit. Oh well.

    Since I have not been able to replace my upright, I have so little room. Since I have exploded a few cokes in the refrigerator freezer, it is nasty looking. Nothing more will fit! Since I don't have freezer room, I dehydrate more.

  4. Color me impressed! I've always wanted to do this, but don't think I could get anyone else around here to sign on - they'd take something and never write it down or check it off. I sort of "know" what I have in the freezer/pantry most of the time, although I have been surprised once or twice (found things I didn't know I had, or didn't have something I thought I did.) But I'm inspired now to make some sort of list after this next defrost, when I have the freezer emptied out and am ready to do a big shop.

  5. Wow. That's is way more than we have in our freezer and pantry. I'm hoping to empty ours completely during July, so I can start over in August, with a much lower food budget. Having extra people in the house can be draining, and on more than one level. You should eat well in July with all of this delicious food! :)


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