Friday, July 29, 2016

So Over These Career Politicians

The full Hillary Clinton story, not the fairy tale glossed over version Bill Clinton delivered in his speech the other night.


As with everything, take it with a grain of salt but there are large nuggets of truth in this rebuttal.

Why is this country so concerned with voting a POTUS with "darker than white" skin, or this year, a vagina?

Why are we not asking the REAL questions, examining candidates policy stances on real issues such as mass surveillance, fiscal policy or transparency in campaign finance, congressional reform?
You know, the stuff that actually affects us, the people's lives directly?

At least one person, other than the politicians, is making money off our country's horror show......

Vivienne Westwood's new t-shirt speaks the truth, though I'd never pay $180 for the honor on owning this rag.
But if someone gifted me one I'd wear it fiercely! ;-)



  1. lol! Great shirt! I'm PMing you a pic on FB right now. It just cracks me up...

  2. I stay politics free in social media, my blog, most places where everyone has an opinion and ,any are likely to attack me for my own. That being said, yes, we need government leaders that just get what life is like for everyone, try and make decisions based on the good of most, balance where there are inherent inequities, and support innovation and ingenuity (as long as not hurting anyone) instead of suppressing it. I'm not happy with any options this year, but I know who makes my flesh crawl and would never get my vote-but I'm not saying.

  3. Let's hope that when Donald Trump is president, the first thing he does is appoint Chris Christie as the Attorney General. First thing on his agenda is to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her treasonous actions regarding her emails and her multiple email servers. The statute of limitations will not have expired by then. Let her stand up at a real investigation this time. And then go to trial. Just like General Petraeus, and others who did less than what Hillary did, but were found guilty and prosecuted.
    Not for nothing, but as I was listening to Hillary's DNC acceptance speech last night, as she was rambling on about all the things she was going to do for us, once she got into office, I swear, if I closed my eyes, I was certain it was Barrack Obama speaking when he was giving the same exact speech eight years ago.
    Put an end to this corruption and mockery.
    Elect Donald Trump.
    Yes! He's a lunatic, but he just may be the lunatic we're all looking for (Billy Joel song). And the more the Democrats bash Trump, the higher his ratings soar. Nobody's listening to the media or the pundits anymore. I think people have had enough.

  4. I follow politics way too closely. I'm ashamed to admit it actually. It's like sports to me, at least the way sports are for my brother. This year I'm so disappointed, no that doesn't even begin to explain it. I can't even watch or listen to the reporting and commentaries anymore. That shirt is pretty perfect though. They are all thoroughly and horribly and despicably corrupt. It's sickening. the end.

  5. I am ready for election season to be OVER already!
    I don't like either of the candidates and am worried for our country :(

  6. I would love to find a statesman/woman who would love to act as a public servant rather than seize power elected positions provide. Where is John Snow when you need him? (GOT reference, here because yes I am nerdy)

  7. I have enjoyed reading your blog until now, and I really wish you had stayed away from politics! As an Obama voter and a Hillary voter, I find your comment about skin color and female anatomy to be highly offensive, and will no longer be reading your blog.

    1. Another thin-skinned Liberal bites the dust who can dish it out but can't take it.
      Don't let the door hit ya on the way out!

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