Friday, July 8, 2016

Grocery Shopping This Week

Well this week is turning out to be a spendy one as far as groceries go.
2 trips to Weis(PMITA)Markets, 1 trip to a small regional chain store in the town South of us, plus I sent College Boy to buy bottled water at Weis as it was 50% off this past weekend.

Here are the deals I got that are worth mentioning............

6 boxes of Nabisco crackers and was paid $2.88 to take them home. ;-)
3 boxes of Jolly Time popcorn for $2.39(Buy1Get2Free Deal)
3 bags of Emerald nuts for $3.99(Buy1Get2Free Deal)
2 boxes of Ronzoni Manicotti shells for $1.14 each(half price clearance deal)
3 boxes of Ronzoni Pasta for $2.50(half price clearance deal)
3 boxes of GM cereal for .88¢ each($1.88 ea. had to buy 3 plus $1 off each box Qs)
2 cans Hormel no beans chili for .74¢ each (after sale/Buy6Get$3Off Deal/Qs)
2 packages of Chi-Chi's flour tortillas for $1.29 each(part of the B6G$3Off Deal) + I also had a Chi Chi's Q for $2 off Eggs wyb2 Chi Chi items, so I got 1.5 dozen free eggs too
2 packages of Perdue breaded chicken cutlets for $1.50 each(after BOGO sale and Q)
1 jar Hellman's olive oil mayo for $1.47(after sale and Q)
1.5 lbs. of ground beef for $1.97 lb.
30 breakfast sandwiches for $21.85 *
3 tubes of Grands! biscuits for $1 each on clearance
6 dozen eggs(besides the 1.5 dozen listed above) for $4.00 total

*The breakfast sandwiches are $42.71 regular retail.  On sale 30 those bad boys were suppose to be $29.97.  The cashier screwed up and when I tried to let her know she was ringing things up the wrong price she got snippy and copped an attitude like, "bitch you don't know". lolz
So I let it go and let her ring stuff up wrong and save me another $8.12, spending $21.85 on $42.71 worth of sammiches.  I will attempt to be honest if you aren't charging me enough, but if you give me grief for it I'll just live with your mistake. ;-)

Grocery spending this week?
Savings rate varied from a low of 48.81% to 55% off so it's not so bleak if you look at the deals I got over regular prices.  $160 but I got a LOT of food for that.

There seemed to be lots of deals around the 4th Holiday so why not take advantage of them, right?

Next week's ads aren't so great so I may stay out of the grocery stores next week.....or at least try to because I am over halfway through my food monies for July and it's only the 8th.



  1. Those are some great deals. I was buying outdoor light fixtures that were supposed to be 75% off from a home improvement store. The cashier was new. Three cashiers were "helping" her. She was ringing them up wrong to my advantage. I tried to tell her when the other cashiers said she knows what she is doing in a nasty tone. So, I walked out of the store with four outdoor light fixtures, two of which had motion sensors, all for something like $8.32. I could not get out the front door fast enough and slam them in the car. I was almost $50 to the good.

    1. That was $50 less than what I should have paid at 75% off and $8.32 for over $200 worth of lights.

  2. Upon getting back from vacation, Robb gave me the rest of the cash to get some groceries. The cupboards were mostly bare of food that we like. And I used the money all up... ;) He won't do that again.

  3. Denise, you are an amazing shopper. I can learn a lot from you. WOW! is just all I can say. Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to getting my food bill down, thanks to you.

  4. I did Aldi's this week so don't really know my savings but seems like a lot for my money. I'm gone this week so also convenience foods which may hurt my resolve to be under $300-$63 left for month on July 10 but very stocked. This should be fresh stuff only.

    1. SAM.
      I got blueberries price matched at WM. The WM price was $2.78 but I paid $0.99, so if you bought blueberries, you got a deal.

  5. I'm just going to plan on spending it all on groceries and liquor. The goal is t throw a pool party every weekend now and spend, spend, spend.
    I'll call you later today. I didn't forget you, its just crazy here. Hmmmmm, you know that song too, don't you?


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