Friday, May 6, 2016

April To-Do List.....Update

So how did I do with my April To-Do List?


*  Pay Bills  PASS  Got it all paid. go me.

*  Bike 50 Miles  FAIL  With everything else going on here(plus a foot injury thrown in to the mix), I didn't get much bike time in. sigh.  I may have done 20 miles this month but not sure as the batteries in the bike crapped out so I don't even have photographic proof. sigh again.

*  Sew and Complete 1 Item  FAIL  I did some sewing but didn't get anything completed.  Does moving piles of fabric around count with this one? lol

*  Purge Coupon Inserts  PASS  Got all the old inserts gone through for stray Qs that are still in date and the inserts pitched.

*  Read 1 Book  IN PROGRESS  I am still reading it.  Will be done with this one in the next few days.  I just don't spend a lot of time reading these days.

*  Vinyl under sink and put stuff away  PASS  

Vinyl down and stuff all put away.

*  Seal Grout in new Bathroom  PASS  Does it count if I had Hubs do this? lolz

*  Go to CB's concert  PASS

*  Sell Toiletries & Stuff  PASS  This is slow going but I've made $94 so far on selling excess stuff.  I don't think I'll try to sell much more.  I've earmarked some of the excess for future giveaways and I'm finding room for the rest in the house.

*  Hang Curtain  PASS  I changed out the curtain in the laundry room from a too-long sheer purple with white polka dots one to a white lace with butterflies curtain.  Whoopee, right?

*  Begin moving stuff out of Purple Room  PASS  I've got the closet in there emptied and all but 2 drawers in the dressers.  Now I just have to go through a pile of fabric left to move and another pile of my clothes to go through and decide what to do with.  Most of this is stuff that needs altering/repairing or is old or doesn't fit.  About half of it can go to Sallie's once I get around to it.  I am on a deadline for clearing out this room by the end of May so it will get done.

All in all, April was pretty mediocre for getting things done, even though my list was not aggressive.
Being in a funk and stressing out over other things tends to not lend much help to getting To-Do lists "To-Done".
The Biking Fail was partly on me and my May bking won't be much better due to circumstances but I will be getting other kinds of exercise this month.
The sewing will pick up in June though as I have a gigantic pile of stuff to sew now.

How about you?  Did you get everything accomplished in April that you set out to do?
Tell us about your month.



  1. I think you had a very busy month and the added stress can slow you down at times at least it does me. You need my mother there... I could send her for a few days Hee Hee:)

  2. I never get as much as I think I should, and I never think I should get done as much as what needs to get done. Losing tow full days to my back sucked so I understand the foot issues being a strain on productivity.

  3. Yesterday, while I was at work, my sister stole my iPad and tested to see if it
    can survive a thirty foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My iPad is now destroyed and she has 83 views.
    I know this is totally off topic but I had to share it with someone!


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