Saturday, January 17, 2015

What a Slug I've Been!

Gosh, I've just done practically nothing since getting home on Tuesday!
Ok,, I DID go to Rite-Aid since I had another $25 in +Up Rewards expiring but as you can see(or would that be NOT see?!?)I haven't even posted about that shopping trip.

See? What did I tell ya........just a slug!

It's already the 17th of the month and I have yet to pay a single bill even.

College Boy is going back to school tomorrow and I still need to finish gathering up his goodies to take back with him(toiletries, food, etc.).

Hubs told me he put away all the Christmas stuff while I was gone.
By "put away" he must have meant I've put some of it away and the rest is still sitting in boxes/tubs or is sitting on the dining room table and YOU need to finish this job.  8-(

While away in Virginia I was suppose to contemplate my goals for 2015 and frankly, the thought never crossed my mind while I was there.

I've also got to get a handle on the food/grocery situation here.  Hubs will eat strange things and combinations of foodstuffs rather than cook or go to the store when he is left to fend for himself and as a result will let perfectly good food sit unloved.
That is the only reason I can think of to explain why an entire homemade apple pie I made for the Holidays is still sitting in the fridge untouched!!
The man is seriously ill(or in his own little world)to let a pie go bad......

And there is also the making of the plan for next week's dinners to work on and Hubs is no help.
I ask him, "What do you want to eat this week?" so I can work in his wants/needs to the plan.
So he answers me with, "How about chicken?"
"OK", I say, "There are only FOUR THOUSAND ways to make 'chicken'.  Which way were you thinking?!?  Narrow it down a little for me, willya?!"
This is what I'm working with here.............

So between paying bills, packing the kid up, cleaning out the fridge and meal planning/preparing and then figuring out our goal plan for the coming year I've got more than enough to keep me busy this weekend.

I am not a big fan of January.
January, post-holiday, is always stressful to me.
It's too cold.
All the year end financial stuff needs attending to.
I get post-Holiday blues.
It's too dark and snowy. (And today it's 5F degrees. bleh.)

I have usually fallen off the eating right wagon w/the Holidays so I don't feel as well as I should.
There are Yearly taxes and FAFSA to attend to. bleh.
I have to pay full price for prescriptions as the high deductible kicks back in on Jan. 1. Happy New Year my ass!
And to top it all off, Hubs paychecks are lighter at the beginning of the year(due to all kinds of local taxes being taken out in Jan.).

The only bright spot is that January contains my birthday(this Wednesday).
Otherwise I'd be happy to just punt January off the calendar.

I did accomplish one thing this week(besides surviving it).
I got maintenance on my Sonic scheduled and completed.
What an ordeal THAT turned out to be!!(Don't ask.)

This fancy pants new car displays a message when you need to take it in to change the oil, have the system reset, rotate tires, etc.  And you have 600 miles once the message displays to have the car services OR ELSE......they don't say what happens if you don't but it sure sounds ominous.

Of course the message came on while driving back from Virginia.  I have been so paranoid lately about that message coming on while I was not at home in Pennsylvania and not being able to get the car serviced before that 600 miles.  I've fretted bout it happening when I went to the Family Reunion in Sept., we rented a car for the trip in Oct. to OC so it didn't happen then, and again on 2 trips to get College Boy.
So of course it happens while in Virginia, right? lolz
But we were only 200 miles from home so it turned out ok.
The car is good to go and happy again with new oil/filters/etc.

So car tuned up, Rite-Aid +Ups spent and a few groceries picked up this week.
Now it's on to the weekend chores and getting back into the regular routine at home.
Or maybe I'll just go back to bed, pull the covers over my head and ignore my life for a couple more days. ;-)

What are you up to this weekend?



  1. Ignoring an apple pie? Something is WRONG with that man.

  2. Did you have to say FAFSA? I mean January is bad enough. Happy Birthday early!

    1. There I go, ruining EVERYBODY'S day. lolz

    2. I always hated the FAFSA also. :P So glad we are done with that after 10 years. Chris

  3. So you've been a slug, big deal! You're allowed that every now and then!

    Have fun in the post-holiday clean up run out!

    Peace <3

  4. Must be something in the air, because this past week has been a write off for me as well. No energy (although I was sick 2 days) and just not getting anything accomplished. Now I have to play catch up.... glad it is a 3 day weekend for me.

  5. Doing paperwork; seeing an opera; going to the gym; paying bills.
    In other words, I lead a dull life.

  6. It was a very busy week in the office, pushing several big projects forward. This weekend, the typical laundry, grocery shopping (I never use a list and have no idea what I will make until I finish shopping - not budget either,) I am deep into travel planning, I have a business trip coming up - I re-booked the rental car and saved 10% and booked a whale watching venture, I am working on a major trip next summer, booked air and started booking hotels (I need to book like 14 nights.)

  7. I forced myself out into the cold slushy cloudy wet and miserable day to go on a hike!! It actually helped to get out of the house and be miserable with other miserable people! Only 2 more months til spring!

  8. Here is your plans for 2015
    Save money!
    Be frugal!
    Drink more!
    Visit me!
    And now its done. You don't need to be uptight about your to do list for the year. I got your back.

  9. So your owner's manual doesn't have instructions on how to turn that light off? Mine does. You know...if you use a mechanic that is not the dealer.

    You need to unwind after vacation though it does not sound like you got to very much.


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