Monday, January 19, 2015

Well I Got Something Done!

I paid the bills and mailed them Saturday.....and then a new bill came in.
Besides that one, I am still waiting on a phone bill and the electric bill and then all Jan.'s bills are in the books, as they say.

My Daughter also made her loan payment to us 4 days early this month.
I like to see promptness like that.  8-)

College Boy left to go back to school on Sunday.
Of course he promptly forgot to call me when they got there and the weather got bad and sleety so I was worried.
So I called him and he called back and said everything was "cool".

And now I can walk around the house nekkid again if I wanna.
I know, TMI....... ;-)

All the Christmas paraphenlia got put away as well on Sunday.

Today I've been working on tax stuff.  (Cover your eyes if you don't want to see anything having to do with taxes yet.)

I've been working on my income from online sales and blogging revenue this afternoon.
I am due another check from Google for blogging so I'm waiting to see if they put this bit under 2014 or 2015.  It should be under 2014 but waiting to see how they mark it down in their books to see how/when I report this.

I have all the eBay(1 item), Etsy(105 fabrics)and Amazon(1 book)Sales figures finished.
All these online sales netted me a profit of $626.73 after all fees and costs of goods sold were figured in.

So far the Blogging Revenue is at $209.68 for the year.
At the end of December I had another $118.94 earned that hasn't been paid out yet so the blogging money could be $328.62 when all is said and done for 2014.
Heck that means I almost broke $1K in side income last year.
I will TRY not to spend it all in one place..........lolz

Well I am off to water my magnolia bush and go put my feet up and think about the year ahead and what I need/want to get done in 2015.




  1. Now, I have an know how the rest of it goes. Cute!

  2. 1K in side income is good, and better than not trying to make any side income. I'm happy with my side income as I've been able to buy a few things like new shoes for my daughter without having to dip into any real money. lol

  3. week...

    Saw "the boy" Friday, so I know how he is!
    And yes, nekkid is GOOD! Me, too!!!

    I need to put ads on my 6 comments a day blog! Even $10 is A-OK with me!!!

    Peace <3

  4. Okay I am going to take away your birthday because you have said FAFSA and now taxes on your blog......


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