Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Rolling/Spending the +Ups Rewards This Week.....Part 4

Due to traveling all day on Saturday I only was able to make one trip to Rite-Aid that day.

Somewhere on the DELMARVA Peninsula/Eastern Shore I bought this.......

2 x Nexxus 'Poo $6.29 20% wellness discount=$10.06 + .53¢ tax=$10.59

No Qs were used. (I bought this to finish off my Spend $20/Get $10 +Ups which was tracking on my card and sitting at $10.06.)

I used $10 in +Up Rewards and paid .29¢ OOP.
I received back $10 in +Up Rewards($10 wyb $20 Nexxus).

Rolled $10 +Ups.
Earned $10 +Ups.
.59¢ OOP.
$12.58 in items brought home.

This finished up last week's rolling/spending +Ups at Rite-Aid.
I wanted to buy some more supplements(fish oil/CoQ10)and earn another $15 +Ups since I was tracking at $6+ already toward another one, but didn't get a chance before the week's ad ended Saturday night.




  1. CVS blows next to Riteaid. I've got $15 in bucks that I'm going to have to spend down or just use up cuz nothing is looking all that great. JEALOUS OF YOU!

  2. I am with SonyaAnn. I have CVS ECBs too and see nothing I want to spend them on. Maybe I will just use them for shampoo. We always need that. And most of our ECBs are from prescriptions, so it is not like I bought crap we didn't need to get them.


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