Friday, January 16, 2015

My Week Away

Sorry for the radio silence lately but I was down in Virginia for 10 days.
And mostly I laid around doing nothing at all!
Just a regular Sloth Fest down there.

Well, except for trips to Rite-Aid(which I posted)and a few other mundane trips out.

When we left Virginia Monday night it was 56F degrees.
We went from "no coat weather" to this...............

That was the temp reading on my car's dashboard the afternoon we got home.....and that was the HIGH for the day.  8-(

Now for the highlights of the trip.......

While my brother, College Boy and my Great Step-Nephew(yeah, I'm a Great Step-Aunt)played basketball......

My sister in-law took me shopping.
First to a consignment store, then to Tuesday Morning where I found these Awesome Christmas Cards on clearance...........

Then I sat in the car people watching while she returned stuff..............

We hit the drawbridge open delay on the way back to the house.  I posted this on Facebook and no one got the location correct.  This is "the bridge" in the Great Bridge section of Chesapeake, VA.

That evening College Boy & I went to Rose's looking for clearance Claxton's fruitcake but to no avail.
We did however pick up some foodstuffs for him to take back to college and I found this awesome shirt.........

I also found this classy lenticular painting for College Boy's dorm room.  Next month is, after all, his birthday too.......

On Monday my brother and I went to Ollie's(Good Stuff Cheap!) and Trader Joe's.........

TJ's down here has beer and wine in it so that was a no brainer!

I saw this woman wearing a hoodie promoting a local landmark here..........

(My sister in-law's mother worked there as a skating waitress for something like 40 years btw.)

I also found the brand/type of wine Hubs wanted me to look for at Total Wine & More.  I must say I never made it to TW&M but TJ's had it......

We also went to visit my oldest brother's house while in Virginia Beach.

This is a shot I took of the HUGE magnolia tree that takes up the entire front yard.
My brother loved that tree...........and not just because it kept the grass from growing(and having to be mowed-a chore he thoroughly detested)...............

On Tuesday College Boy wanted to get some "real" seafood so we went out for lunch.  Not wanting to have to drive all the way to the Oceanfront we tried to find something nearby, even though I really don't know my way around Chesapeake since it got "built up" like this since I left in 1982.
We got the GPS out and ended up driving from Chesapeake, into Va Beach and back to Chesapeake to get to Wicker's Crab Pot......

We were the only customers in the joint on a Tuesday afternoon.
I had a cup of She Crab Soup..............

I should have stopped at the soup.  I got the scallop basket(FIVE scallops)for $15! The hush puppies were a ball of grease and the coleslaw was lame.
College Boy wanted fried shrimp for $24.99.  I told him if he wanted fried we should have gone to Captain D's for a helluva lot less money!!

Yah, I was pretty crabby after I got the bill...........

As punishment for making me spend so much on mediocre overpriced seafood I made College Boy accompany me to a Fabric Store!  Oh, the evilness I can inflict on that child.......

I did get to give my next year's Christmas list to the Big Guy early at Wicker's.
I asked for the good money I just paid out to be returned to me in my stocking next Christmas....geez!

That night we all went out to a local Mexican place...........El Toro Loco

A warning here--they use a very caliente Pepper for their Chille Rellenos so beware if you are thinking of ordering that.

They had their Christmas tree still up in the foyer.  That's my sister in-law standing with it.........

They had these little ornaments all over it........

And the tree topper was this wreath of peppers, very cute..........

But the best was this everyday decoration by the front door..........

Too funny!

I found this local microbrew at the grocery store but Hubs didn't want me to buy him any......

Great name for a local beer!
Mmmmm.....swamp water!!lolz

I also found this wine and thought of cousin Sonya Ann........because she's so "sweet".
Yeah, that's why.................

I made dinner on Wednesday.  Spaghetti and Meatballs.  It turned into quite the production because sister in-law didn't have all the ingredients.....which we didn't find out until we were knee deep in cooking so there were two, count 'em TWO excursions to the grocery store to pick up needed items.

I took College Boy out for lunch again on Thursday.
Of all the places he could have chosen, places we don't have up in NE PA, he picks The Golden Corral.
Well at least it was lunch prices and not dinner prices.

Even though it was a buffet I ate very healthy there.
Stop laughing.
I am serious!
Well, I didn't go into it wanting to eat healthy, but it turned out that way.
They had some "Chinese" selections but everything I took was doused in soy sauce, even the Sweet & Sour Chicken.
Then I took a slice of Lasagna but it was nasty and dried out from sitting too long so I couldn't eat it.
So I took a hamburger slider and it was overcooked.  All the meats and the fish I tired tasted like they were marinated in salt.

I ended up just eating 2 plates of vegetables.....Brussels Sprouts, Asparagus, Sauted Cabbage, Collards and Carrots and a couple of rolls.  And not 1 fried veggie thankyouverymuch!  Though the fried Okra was calling my name. lolz

The dessert bar was almost as long as the real food stations and full of cakes, pies, puddings and a chocolate fountain.  They also had cotton candy!  I am thankful I wasn't there when a bunch of little kids were there, as they'd probably be swinging from the rafters after ingesting all that sugar!

Other than lunch out I slept Thursday away.

On Friday and Saturday College Boy had work.  The sister in-law's daughter cleans houses for a living(mostly new construction and flips I think)and she asked College Boy if he wanted to make some $$ helping her those days.  He jumped at the chance, since his Bakery gig never materialized back home for this school break.  I spent Friday just hanging out at my brother's house doing dishes and laundry for everyone......and more naps.

On Saturday I took a ride by myself to Va Beach to a bread outlet I use to go to near Princess Anne Plaza.  Come to find out when I got there that the bread store was gone and now that building housed a thrift store.
So I went around the corner to the Harris Teeter grocery store.  HT is the king of "Buy 2/Get 3 Free" Deals and we don't have HT's in NE PA so I went in to see what I could find cheaply.  Last week HT also had a "Double any Q up to $2" Event so I went in to see what few Qs I brought with me that I could match up with sales.

I got 2 loaves of bread, one for .92¢ and the other for $1.15 after doubled Q.
I got 4 cans of Healthy Request Campbell's Soup for ZERO money after Qs.
I got a box of Cheerios for $1 after Q.
I got 2 bags of Starbucks coffee for $4.99 each after Q.
I got 2 bags of Community coffee for $5.49 each after Qs.
I got 5 bottles of good olive oil for $4.57 each after B2G3F sale.
I got 5 cans of Progresso soup for .86¢ each after B2G3F sale.
I got 5 large jars of Ragu sauce for $1.34 each after B2G3F sale.

I also bought some other items on sale which got used while we were down there and I bought a bottle of Asti Spumante which I promptly forgot to bring home and this "other stuff" with taxes came to $19.61.

Yes, I am the kind of oddball who buys groceries while on vacation.

I had to find an alternate route to get back to my brother's house because when I went to get onto the interstate it was a parking lot and the cops had the entrance ramp blocked off due to a very severe accident.
So I headed south and made my way via local roads.  Along the way I passed a couple Rite-Aids so I stopped in to see what they had that I could spend/roll some +Up Rewards on.
The most exciting thing was clearance Axe Deos for $1.34 that gave back $2 in +Ups wyb2, making them .34¢ OOP.

Sunday was more lazing around the house.
I went out at lunchtime to get a sub at a local chain I used to work at when I was in high school.
At dinner time I went and bought a bucket of chicken as a treat so no one had to cook.

I didn't take hardly any pictures while down there....except for the Rite-Aid stuff I bought.
Sad, isn't it?

There were quite a bit of adult beverages consumed though.


And this among them........

And this photo is for Sonya Ann again............look at THIS can of peanuts!

Note the weight........


Monday my brother and College Boy went with me to a new local BBQ joint(it was ok, not great) and then we ran over to Walmart so brother could pick up an order that was in and I wandered around the Christmas clearance stuff.  If it was 5 years ago I SO would have bought a bunch of clearance toys to resell on eBay(I had the same urges while in Ollie's the week before to score some clearance toys to resell), but the fact that I'd never fit them into my teeny tiny car made me pass on those deals.

I was tempted to get this though..........

Not to sell but just because it was so weird and I wanted that ice tea glass. lolz

Speaking of weird, I found this book in Ollie's........

And here's another strange cookbook............

What kind of a protein is a "Pooh" anyway? ;-)

We packed up and after a late dinner at IHOP(College Boy's choice)with brother, sister in-law and great step-nephew, we headed out into the night to start the journey home.
Because of weather forecasts and wanting to avoid Philly at rush hour we broke the return trip into 2 stages and spent that night in Seaford, DE.  After a leisurely breakfast we made it home around 2pm on Tuesday.

So now you are up to date on the Travels of Sluggy.  8-)




  1. Sluggy I got so sick on she crab soup at a joint that sounds just like the one you ate at. Awful coleslaw, crappy cold hush puppies that you know came out of a bag into a frier. Carried those little ism's around for about 10 days. It was awful! I hate spending money on bad food.

  2. I would have eaten the soup, the crab dip app, and the calamari app at the seafood place.

    golden corral - vom. ate there once, never again.

    IHOP is cool though.

    1. We don't have an IHOP here so the son wanted it BADLY. He got all u can eat pancakes and put 8 away. bleh.

  3. 19 degrees? You weenie...

    Sounds like you had a fantastic trip! I would love to get away like that and even overspend on bad food... I need to go on vacation so badly...

    1. I think it got down to 6 degrees that evening(w/out wind chill). Right now it's FIVE degrees here. Time to leave again! lol

      You def. need a vacation away and ALONE! lolz

  4. I love that you went shopping on vacation! "Hunger Games" inspired recipes? So, not really cooked on HG? "Pooh" bear should have lots of protein.

    I asked my neighbor if I could have a dozen leaves on the ground from his Magnolia tree. He guffawed and begged me to take them all, come back and get more, we won't miss them. They were three feet deep in places, and he could not keep up with clearing them away. I love Magnolia trees, too.


    1. magnolia trees shred something terrible and are a nasty mess to clean up around.....ask me how I know! lol

  5. I hate when you splash out for an expensive meal like seafood and it turns out crappy! Sounds like a fun trip though :)

    1. We really didn't "do" anything on this trip....just hung out with the brother and assorted family.

  6. Glad to see you surfaced safe and sound. You really are quite the traveler. We have a Chinese version of the Golden Corral near us. It's called the Grand Buffet. Hubby and daughter thought it was the best place they'd eaten since we moved here.We ate at a similar place back in Kingston PA. I had a tough week at work. I think I'm going to start drinking. Do they make a wine called Mad Lunch Lady? lol

    1. If they don't have one yet I'm sure the Mad Lunch Lady will be available shortly. lolz

      Would that Chinese place in Kingston be "Beijing Restaurant" next to the Food Town grocery store? ;-) That's the only one in Kingston I can think of. We use to go to one down the street in Edwardsville before they closed up and became a Chinese/Italian restaurant. Now THAT was WEIRD!!

  7. If you come back, please try Surf Rider West restaurant on Newtown Road in Va Beach (right on the Norfolk border) for seafood. I'm not sure if they are affiliated with the "Surf Rider" restaurants in the area. SRW has the best crab cakes in the area. I always get them with broccoli the their home made hollandaise sauce. Their steamed oysters are always plump and juicy. It's definitely not fancy but the food is delicious.

    Did you ever thrift at the DAV? They opened up a location in Chesapeake on Centreville Tnpke last year.

    1. ReeCee, This is my first trip back to Tidewater since my oldest brother's funeral in 2009. Traffic on the Blvd and Xpressway/Interstates is a nightmare now!
      I have been to the old/original Surf Rider on 17th St./Mediterranean Ave. It was right across the street from the Best Value Hardware store my brother managed. ;-)
      You should try Mary's Restaurant just west of there or Big Sam's down at Rudee Inlet for a good cheap breakfast.

      Our usual seafood place at the beach that is still open is Beach Pub over on Laskin Rd. And if we want to spend a lot we went to Steinhilber's in Thalia or Lynnhaven Fish House over off of Shore Dr. See, I know lots of places to eat at the Beach. lol

      I'll keep that DAV thrift in mind if I go back. The problem with that area is that businesses are always opening and closing with great frequency so I just hope something is still open when I get a chance to return. ;-)
      Thanks for your comment and ideas.....

      My sis in-law didn't take me to any thrift stores, just consignment stores in the area. I'll

  8. In Virginia and not even a PING! (POUTY FACE)

    Glad you had a good trip!

    Peace <3

    1. Dang if I had realized I could have taken Rte. 460 to P'burg up to you and avoided the Devil's highway(I-95)I might had driven the 2 hours up to you.
      Maybe next time?

    2. Hanging out with the family is a great vacation! I can't wait to go hang out with mine in Tennessee. We do some bargain shopping while I am there. My sisters and niece love it when I bring my coupon binder on vacation. LOL!

      It sounds like you had a marvelous time.

      I want the Prom Queen tshirt.


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