Sunday, January 11, 2015

Last of the Rite-Aid This Week

I hit a couple of Rite-Aids on Saturday while I was out shopping.
I had that $25 rx transfer +Up Reward to use before I leave to go home......

4 x L'Oreal 'Poo 20% Wellness disc.=$15.96
2 x L'Oreal hair treatment on clearance=$6.98
4 x Q-tips 20% Wellness disc.($2.79)=$11.16
1 x Old Spice 6-pack soap clearance=$2.49
2 x Ice Drink BOGOFree=$1.49*
1 x Degree Spray Deo=$4.97
2 x Axe Deo on clearance($1.34)=$2.68**

Coupons Used
2 x $4/2 L'Oreal 'Poo ManuQ=$8.00
2 x $2/1 L'Oreal treatment ManuQ=$4.00
1 x $1/1 Old Spice IPQ=$1.00
1 x $2/1 Degree Deo IPQ=$2.00
1 x $2/1 Degree Deo VideoValuesQ=$2.00
Coupon Total........$17.00

$45.73-$17.00=$28.73 + .91¢=$29.64

I used $27 in +Up Rewards and paid $2.64 OOP.
I earned $11 in new +Up Rewards($5 wyb $20 L'Oreal, 2 x $2 wyb2 Q-tips, $2 wyb2 Axe).

*SavingStar's "Friday Freebie" this weekend is a full refund when you buy a 17 oz. ICE drink.  Rite-Aid had Ice drinks Buy One Get One Free last week so I'll get the price I paid for the one drink I bought back, bringing my OOP down to $1.15.
Sweet! 8-)
Update**  SavingStar only gave me .75¢ back on the BOGOFree drinks, so my actual OOP on this transaction will be $1.89, not $1.15.
Still a good deal in my book! 8-)

**I found some Axe deodorants on a clearance shelf for $1.34 each.  These qualified for the "Buy 2 Axe items, Get $2 +Ups" Deal this past week.  So after earning a $2 +Ups for these deos they "cost" me .34¢ each plus tax.

After I saw that the clearance Axe qualified for the $2 +Up Rewards Deal I bought two below with other items I bought at another store later.

Paid with $2 in +Ups and .73¢ OOP.
Received $2 in new +Ups.

Then I had to go to another Rite-Aid to use that $10 off 3 Bayer products Q(which expires today).  All the stores are out of the small $3.29-$3.49 size low dose aspirin products I wanted to buy with this Q so I did this instead........

3 x Aleve PM($6.49)B2G1Free sale=$12.98
I used $10/3 Bayer products ManQ.....$12.98-$10=$2.98

I used $2 +Ups and paid .98¢ OOP.
No new +Ups were earned this transaction.

Total OOP all trips..........$4.35
Total value of items bought....$79.93
+Ups spent/rolled........$41
+Ups earned...........$13



  1. How did the Q-tips fit in all this? Love your bargains!

    1. Evidentally there was a Buy 2/Get $2 +Ups Deal including Q-Tips last week that I missed in the flyer, but happened to walk by the Q-Tips and see while in the store. With my wellness disc. each box was $2.79 and after $1 of the +Ups was applied, they cost me $1.79.

  2. You are so the Rite-Aid Queen. Well done!

  3. I read it, and indeed it was boring.

    JUST KIDDING. I am jealous of all your store goods purchased for basically nothing. You are robbing the area drugstores. You are getting household goods for free, when the rest of us pay $7 a lipstick and $15 a bottle of vitamins at these overpriced stores. Their plan is to lay in wait until you are dying from a migraine and must stumble in and pay $20 for a bottle of relief. And you are cleaning out their shelves for pennies on the dollar.

    I'm thinking about how clean your ears will be, with all those Q-tips, and how pleasant smelling the underarms of all in your family must be.

    1. A church allowed me to take a shower tonight. After driving fifteen miles one way, I forgot Q-tips for my ears. I could see these boxes and wished I just had one Q-tip. My ears still feel icky.

  4. What on earth do you do with all those Q-TIPS?

    1. We were practically out of Q-tips so I needed to stock up. College Boy goes through a large amount of them monthly....

  5. I am drooling over the Q-tips. We are running low and store brand Q-tips are just not as good.


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