Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Groceries This Week

Well so much for just buying eggs at the grocery store this week.  ;-)

I went up to Weis(PMITA)Markets for eggs....2 dozen for $3.

But I ended up buying all this......

While I was in the store I browsed the produce.  After last week's carb fest I was feeling the need for more greens.
I found cole slaw mix, baby salad greens and collards all 1/2 price w/instant discount stickers.
I also found croissants 1/2 off on the bakery rack.
We needed Greek Yogurt and a big tub of Cabot was $3.50.
The coffee was BOGO and I had a $1/1 Q so 2 bags for $4.69 total.
I was craving a pork tenderloin sandwich so picked up a small pack of that.
I found fresh cod fillets for $4.88(to go with the cole slaw of course).
The perdue breaded chicken cutlets were on sale $4 and then another 40% off so 2/$4.80.
Then I found meat discount stickers on some no nitrite bacon and hot dogs making them reasonable in price.
The best find was packs of Dogfish Head Brats......

$6.99 on sale for $5.99 this week.
These had $2 instant discount stickers($3.99)AND .75¢ peelie Qs(which doubled to $1) so I paid $2.99 out the door per pack.  Not bad for a special treat I don't pick up often.

OOP $39.91 on $72.21 of groceries.
A 44% savings rate.

I can live with that. 8-)



  1. Can we just give up? Ok how about we give up until say February? Just no watching sales or trying to come in under budget. Good, I'm glad we are on the same page.

  2. Sonya Ann,
    Funny. I am trying to keep it all as low as possible, but most days, sluggy, we cannot keep up. There is so much Christmas candy that makes me drool.

    I keep telling myself I am going to buy no nitrate hotdogs, but I love the cheapest Zeigler hot dogs I can find with lots of red food coloring....and pig penis. A high school student informed me of that in class, making all the females in the class swear off hotdogs of anyking.

  3. Can I hire you to buy my groceries for 50% of the savings? You'd get rich!

    Peace <3

  4. I stopped at weis for cat food and came home with 6 (max) boxes of san giorgio pasta for 67 cents a box (better than aldi's price!). and a small hunk of fruitcake.

  5. Jamie James is right, can I hire you? Shipping costs might negate the savings but still we should try it. Or you could just drive it over?

  6. I hate going to the store for "just one thing" or even a few things. I always spend more money when I do that.


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