Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Remind Me Not to Be Nice

Because it always costs me in the end.

Someone on Etsy asked about a flannel fabric I have listed.  She wanted to know if I'd chop up the piece and sell her 1 yard of it for $5.
I told her I had a remnant piece that was 16 inches wide x 2.5 yards she could have for $5(as she was going to cut the fabric into small squares anyway).
So she answers that she only needs a piece big enough to make a few 3" squares.

So I tell her I'll sell her a piece of the remnant for $1 that can fit into a reg. envelope so the postage would be .49¢.

She answers that's great.

I tell her just to send me $1.49 to my Paypal account and I'll send it on to her.

So she says she wants to use her Etsy account so I now have to make a listing for her to buy it.

So I tell her if I have to make a listing and pay .20¢ to Etsy then she has to pay that cost, so her new price is $1.69.
Really, it isn't worth it to me to have to pay .20¢ on a $1 sale, ya know?

So guess who has disappeared and not replied for 2 days now?

You go out of your way to basically be nice to someone because really this isn't worth my time and energy to sell her $1 of fabric, and it comes back to bite me in the ass.

Bah Humbug!



  1. Some people, you just want to put your fist through the imaginary wireless lines and choke someone.

  2. Fussy people. It drives me insane. When it gets like that, I tend to retreat into my home and don't answer anything for a while. I hope you had not already cut it!

    1. I cut a small piece but it's no loss.....I can use it myself.

  3. bitch! ignore her if you see her again!

  4. You have fallen prey to THE CLASSIC SKINFLINT! I've encountered that type before. They delight in robbing you, penny by penny, until you're sorry you ever offered to do anything for them. They get satisfaction from swindling you; they get jollies from getting "something for [almost] nothing" - at YOUR expense. First, $5 was OK, but then she wanted to pay $1.50 instead. When you upped it by two dimes, that was just too much. This person has issues.

    1. Well I'm a skinflint too. lolz But I follow through when I say I'll do something.

      I wonder if there is a way to get her kicked off of Etsy.....

  5. Please, tell me have not cut the fabric yet! That is why I don't sell online. I would rather sell myself on a street corner.

  6. Drives me crazy. I sold some scouting patches on eBay. Had a bunch of "nothing special" so I put 20 in a ziploc bag or two and advertised them as grabbags, as is, no substitutions, no changes. I can't count the number of people who contacted me asking about this, that or the other. I'd even look, and if it was there, tell them. "Then please sell me that one!" No, it will cost me more than it's worth. But they'd keep on about it. I gave up.

    Peace <3

    1. Sounds like what I use to go through on eBay too....especially at the Holidays. bleh.

  7. Donate it and be done with, so says your lazy cousin.

  8. I had a person message me on Ebay asking me if I would sell 2 extra letter magnets I had listed with my fisher price school desk. It really wans't worth my time to make a new listing and have to retake photos for the old listing. However, Im too nice to say no and did it for her. She did follow through and I made $5


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