Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Food & Toiletries Spending......November Update

 Onward to November's food spending report.......

Here are my FOOD BUDGET spending totals for NOVEMBER 2014.

I have posted November's totals on the Total Grocery Savings for 2014 Page located HERE and have updated the Yearly Totals there.
I am listing subtotals for each store I purchased from in November.  If you aren't interested in that much detail, just skip to the bottom for the Totals Summary.

My spending includes Food, Toiletries/HBA, Pet Supplies, Cleaning Products, Paper Goods & tax where applicable. We are a family of 3(2-3 at home this month)& 1 dog. No kids under 18.

OOP  $11.00
Value  $33.93
Savings  67.58%

OOP  $25.86
Qs/Ads  $12.37
Value  $38.23
Savings  32.36%

OOP  $4.90
Value  $12.50
Savings  60.80%

OOP  $77.71
Qs/Ads  $61.86
Value  $139.57
Savings  44.32%

OOP  $33.98
Value  $57.88
Savings  41.39%

OOP  $6.03
Qs/Ads  $7.64
Value  $13.67
Savings  55.88%

OOP  $10.28
Qs/Ads/+UPs  $319.38
Value  $329.66
Savings   96.88%
SHURSAVE STORES(small local independent affiliated stores)
OOP  $229.74
Qs/Ads  $69.02
Value  $298.76
Savings  23.10%

OOP  $34.24
Qs/Ads  $52.25
Value  $86.49
Savings  60.41%

OOP  $10.39
Qs/Ads  $16.25
Value  $26.64
Savings  61%

OOP  $140.61
Qs/Ads  $142.39
Value  $283.00
Savings  50.31%

My best 3 Store Savings Totals were Rite-Aid at 96.88%, the Bakery Outlet at 67.58% and Target at 61%.  My WORST savings rate was the Shursave Market at 23.10%.
What is more impressive is that I had a 50.31% savings rate at Weis Markets AND I spent almost $150 there.  It's easy to get a great savings rate at a store where you only buy a few things but is you make many purchases there it's a lot more difficult!

I shopped at 11 different stores this past month.  I tried a few of new places for me or places I don't go to often as it's not in my regular routine.

TOTAL Out of Pocket........$584.74
TOTAL Coupons & Store Sales Savings...$735.59
TOTAL Value of Items Purchased............$1,320.33
TOTAL Savings of...................................55.71%
TOTAL Savings WITHOUT Rite-Aid.............42.01%

This closes out the November food/toiletries spending.

THOUGHTS & COMMENTS for this month.....

Well I sucked big time at staying under $350 in November.  What can I say......

The monthly savings percentage went down by 10.13% in November to 55.71% compared to October's 65.84% average.  I blame this on me buying stuff not at it's best low price in order to have enough spending at the local market to earn a gift certificate during their yearly promotion.  I also bought things I don't need now(stocked up)and not at the best prices. sigh.  With the way I shop I haven't been able to earn one of those certificates for YEARS now!  But every year I fall back into a bad pattern and try to spend, spend, spend. sigh.
I need to pull this post up next Nov. 1st and reread it so I don't fall into that old familiar trap next year!

The savings percentage went down for the year by .03% after adding November's numbers in. 

Total spend on food/toiletries so far this year after 11 months.....$4,588.66.

The average monthly food/toiletries spending to-date for the year after adding in November's numbers is back up to $417.15.   That's what happens when you spend almost $600 in one month on food/toiletries.

I have a decision to make concerning $17 I was refunded at Rite-Aid this month(a $12 refund and a $5 refund for +Up Rewards and Coupons that were applied post sale.  I'll just use this to cover my small amounts I pay on each transaction at R-A after the +Up Rewards are applied to my total in December, which means that probably ALL my OOP costs will be covered until the end of the year at Rite-Aid.


Let's just say I'm planning on staying under $5K total for the year on food/toiletries spending. That gives me $411.34 to play with in December.  College Boy will be home most of December as he comes home from school for the term a week from this Friday.

I would really like to keep the yearly spending total at $4,800.  This gives me a monthly average for the year of $400 a month spent.  Sounds much better than a $416 per month total that staying under $5,000 gives me.
But that would mean limiting myself to $211.34 food spending in December.  I probably could do that, especially if we eat out for dinner more than 2 times this month.

I'll try to keep it under that but don't hold your breath.
I suck.......
If you have other ideas or guidelines you follow please leave a comment and share yours with us all.
*  How much did you spend on food/toiletries in November?
*  Do you track your yearly food spending?
*  If so, how are you doing thus far in 2014?


  1. I track my food & household expenses. I aim for $400 a month but spend around $450 (give or take). I track it every day and when I see myself nearing my budget amount I stop spending.
    I've found out (the hard way) when those stores offer those certificates of free bird or whatever, I spend more just to get that stupid free $25 turkey/ham/whatever. You save more money by just outright buying the bird. Period! And doing your regular shopping. THEY have it all figured out how to successfully separate you and your money. I won't be fooled again.

  2. I don't track much but chicken sh*t from my yard into the house. I so admire your tenacity and I learn so much from you, I love it!


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