Saturday, November 15, 2014

Weekend Deals & Spending

Just some deals I got this weekend.

At Weis on Friday......

2 x Sierra Mist Cranberry(#2 Son likes this)on sale .77¢ each=$1.54
1 x 16 oz. Honey on sale(cold season means hot tea and honey)=$4.39
2 x Butter on sale(holiday baking ahead)=$5.00
2 x St. Joseph baby aspirin(I take this each night)on sale $1 each=$2.00

I had a $1/2 Sierra Mist 2ltrs. IPQ(NLA)making the soda .27¢ a bottle.
I had a $1/1 Weis honey IPQ from their FB page making it $3.39
I had 2 x $1/1 St. Joseph products IPQ(smartsource dotcom)making these each FREE!

So $4 additional off means I paid $8.93+.04¢tax=$8.97 OOP
At $21.43 regular retail I saved 58% on this stuff.

Today we hit a few stores too and made a Salvation Army run to donate a carload of things.
Among the boring stuff like ice melt and humidifier filters there were a few deals to be had.

I can't show you some of what I got(presents, you know)but here are a couple things from Target........

3 x Coffee-Mate creamers on sale $1.50.  I had 3 x .75¢ IPQs and stacked a $1/3 Target Q, making these $1.25 for all or .42¢ each.

2 x Alka-Seltzer Cold(Hubs choice for cold meds)$4.69 each=$9.38
I used 2 x $1/1 Alka-Seltzer IPQ(coupons dotcom)=$7.38
And I paid with a $5 gift card I got from a deal I did at Target last month=$2.38 or $1.19 each and I got another $5 gift card for buying these.

I also picked up 4 boxes of green tea.  They were on sale for $1.92 x 4=$7.68
I used 2 x $3/2 Lipton tea products(coupons dotcom) so $7.68-$6.00=$1.68 or .42¢ a box.
Not bad......

We had a beer and lunch out and then I hit Rite-Aid on the way home......

I picked up the Delsym to do the full price rebate.
I ended up buying the bigger more expensive bottle rather than the 3 ouncer that was on sale this week for $9.99.
With my 20% Wellness discount the $17.99 bottle was $14.39 and I had a $1/1 Delsym Video Values Q so I was OOP $13.39.....for now.
The rebate/refund Deal is up to $14.00 so I'll get the full $13.39 refunded so why get the $9.99 bottle, right?

I also picked up 2 light bulb packs.  These are BOGO50% and they fit in our dining room lighting fixture(which we need new bulbs for anyway).
These came to $8.08 and I had $6 in Qs(2 x $1/1 ManuQ & 2 x $2/1 VideoValuesQ) so $2.08 and they gave back $2 in Ups.  I paid with +Ups so they "cost" me .08¢.

The cough drops were on sale 2/$3 this week and I had a $1/2 ManuQ so $2 for both.  I paid with $2 in +Ups so nothing OOP and I got back $1 +Up(wyb2 Hall's).

$4.08 paid with $4 +Ups and .08¢ cash OOP.
I got back $3 in +Ups.

My Rite-Aid gift card I was waiting to show up did so this afternoon so I went and got that Dunkin Donuts gift card today using that FB Q for $5 off a purchase.
I'll then use this gift card when DD puts their bags of ground coffee on sale for the Holidays, thus stacking a Q with paying for the gift card with using a discounted RA gift card instead of cash to get bags of coffee at a discounted price.
It's a Trifecta!

I also picked up 2 more restaurant gift cards that gave $5 +Ups each this week.
$10 in bonus +Ups so I have $17 in +Ups going into Sunday.

With my scenario for the coming week's sales ad, I'll be OOP .82¢(maybe some tax too)and will spend $7 in +Ups and get back $8 in new +Ups.

And this gets all my +Ups rolled to the Black Friday sales at Rite-Aid so I don't have to spend/roll any more of them until Thanksgiving.

And I have my scenario planned and written out for BF at Rite-Aid.  It has me spending .95¢(plus some tax) and all $18 in +Ups and getting back $19.99 in new +Ups on Thursday and then I'll see what FREEBIES(the ones of which I want)are left by Friday and go from there and roll the +Ups accordingly.
I am ready!

So how was your Saturday?
Did you go out and hunt the deals?
Or did you does something else?



  1. I at least had heat today, little as it is in this draft house. So, that was good! I had a long nap, not very fruitful, I know! And, something else.

    So, did you use a gift card to buy a gift card? NO ONE will let me do that. Supposedly, it is against the rules here.

  2. I do so wish we could buy baby asprin this side of the pond. We find it so useful when travelling as you do not have to faff about waiting for the daily soluable asprin to disolve.


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