Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Turkey Day Prep Update

Kermit and I got the turkey dry brined.......

Then we took a break and went to check the weather....

Holy Tadpole!!
8 inches of snow but it looks like it has finally finished precipitating.
Time to get College Boy out of bed at the crack of 2pm to shovel.

Then it was back inside to start the pies.....

1 cherry crumble down.

More later.....




  1. 8 inches! eeeew! we have about 1 inch of heavy wet glop here.

    the cherry crumble pie looks dee-lish (holds out a plate for a slice).

    happy thanksgiving to you and your family, sluggy!

  2. Cooking with Kermie!! Yeah! I wish we had snow. We did get some cool weather. I guess I will be happy with that.

  3. 8 inches of snow? I'll stop complaining that it's cold here. Happy turkey day Sluggy!


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