Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thanksgiving Food Plans

Thanksgiving seems like it's right around the corner now that Halloween has passed.
That means it's time to get that Turkey Day menu planned out.

This year we will be 3 for dinner as 2 of my kids are too far away to come home for the Holiday.  #1 Son will go to Girlfriend's parents' house and the Daughter will celebrate in her new house this year.
I'd love to be down there when she makes her first Thanksgiving dinner. 8-)

If I am feeling hospitable that day we'll invite the BIL and the Nephew.
They have come to our house for Thanksgiving ever since they moved to our town.....about 10 years now?
It would be nice if just once they did the dinner and invited us and I didn't have to cook everything and got a break but I am Not holding my breath on that score!

Every year Hubs and I go round and round about just going out for Thanksgiving but then there are no leftovers in the fridge so that gets voted down every. single. year.   We love us some leftovers around here obviously.

Every year I say I am going to simplify and do a "basic" Turkey Day.
And every year I lie......lolz

Here is what I served last Turkey Day--

*Smoked Turkey
*Cornbread and Sausage Stuffing
*Green Bean Casserole
*Mashed Rutabagas
*Glazed Roasted Carrots
*Roasted Potatoes and Onions
*Crescent Rolls
*Cranberry Glop
*Au Jus and/or Gravy-pick your poison
*Pumpkin Pie (whipped cream optional)
*Mincemeat Pie
*White Zinfandel(Californian)

And THIS was a pared down menu. 8-)

This year #2 Son has requested beside turkey and stuffing--mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, rutabagas and pumpkin pie.

We won't smoke the turkey this year(I'll smoke a turkey breast in December) and we'll lose the mincemeat pie and mash the potatoes instead of roasting them. 
I didn't make rolls from scratch last year(the horrors!)but I want to do them this year.

The menu this year......

*Roasted Turkey
*Cornbread and Sausage Stuffing
*Green Bean Casserole
*Mashed Rutabagas
*Mashed Potatoes
*Homemade Rolls
*Cranberry Glop
*Au Jus and/or Gravy-pick your poison
*Pumpkin Pie (whipped cream optional)
*Wine or Hard Cider or Cider from whatever is on hand

I may also serve some easy veggie like baked sweet potatoes(whole)or corn(from a can)or broccoli(fresh steamed I can do ahead and reheat).  I know I'm already doing 3 veggie sides but not everyone will eat them. 8-P

So what have you planned for Turkey Day so far?




  1. We are going to the west coast for Thanksgiving, so I just ordered a smoked turkey form a butcher shop there. PIck up is all that is required. I have seen our host's menu and it is a far cry from our southern traditional Thanksgiving meal, but everything changes and we can always do "our" meal some other time. (Plus I might have picked up a 20 lb.bird for the freezer, just in case.)

  2. lasagna or salmon with copious wine to drink; I don't like turkey!

  3. It's just the five of us, and my husband's friend that eats with us for all the holidays/special occasions. We are cooking at home and having a quiet day (as quiet as it can be with 6 folks). We are having turkey, stuffing, and some side dishes...nothing fancy.

  4. I remember the first time I cooked a turkey I didn't realize there was the "gut bag" inside. Oops.

    There are just 4 of us this year.

    mashed potatoes
    sweet potatoes
    cranberry sauce
    dessert ~ tbd

  5. I think it will just be Hubby and me this year. Today I bought a turkey breast. Expensive, I know, but that is what I have made for us the last couple of years. Sara Lee pumpkin pies are on sale, so I bought 3 and put them in the freezer. We LOVE pumpkin pie. I will make cornbread dressing and some veggies. We don't expect anyone to come over, but we didn't expect them the last couple of years and they still showed up. Our kids always have plans, but when they find out I am cooking, they manage to show up sometime during the day for a little eating. LOL!


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