Thursday, November 13, 2014

Rite-Aid Updates

Well I returned the Aveeno baby items to Rite-Aid yesterday.
I was prepared to get back $7 on a gift card and give back the $2 +Ups that transaction gave me.

But instead the cashier insisted on refunding the full $12(pre coupons and +Ups)purchase Cash!
And she didn't want my $2 +Ups back either.
Who am I, a lowly customer, to argue? ;-)

So I now have $10 in +Ups plus $12 in cash(in lieu of the $7 in +Ups I spent on the Aveeno) I'll use toward my +Ups total.
So $22 in +Ups/Cash to use to roll more +Ups.

I then bought this.......

2 x Xtra laundry detergent.
They are on sale this week for $1.99 each.
There is also a $1/1 Q on coupons dotcom for Xtra so they end up being .99¢ each.

Unless of course you have a Load2Card Q for $1/1 Xtra detergent on your wellness card which automatically comes off and then you had the cashier 2 x $1/1 Extra IPQs and she puts both them through, then you only pay .98¢ total for both bottles instead of $1.98 for 2. lolz
I forgot there was an Xtra Q on my wellness card otherwise I would have only given her the 1 $1/1 IPQ.
Oh well.

Then I bought this.......

2 x Ora-Gel kids toothpaste on sale BOGOFree=$2.99
1 x Halloween candy on sale 75% off=.19¢

I used a $1/1 Ora-Gel product IPQ


I used $2 in +Up Rewards and paid .18¢ OOP.
I received back another $2 +Up Rewards($2+Up wyb 2 Ora-Gel/Arm & Hammer Deal)

Total spent OOP this day---$1.16

I will probably go back this week to purchase a bottle of Delsym cough syrup.  It's $9.99 this week(lowest price it's been lately)and there is a $1/1 Video Values Q PLUS a full price refund Deal you can mail away for.
I like Delsym and we've used it for years in our house.

I am hoping the Rite-Aid gift card I bought online will arrive by Saturday so I can use that when I buy a DD gift card with the $5 off coupon before that expires on Monday.



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