Saturday, November 8, 2014

Not a Fun Week

If I could skip this past week?
You know I would.

It was not one of my better weeks.

After 4 trips to assorted doctors....Urgent Care, Dr. Office, ER and back again to the Dr. Office.....I think we are turning the corner on this thing.

The good news is I found out I have a "condition" with a name for what has been happening.
The bad news is an incurable chronic thing that will flare up from time to time.
More bad news is that it involves abscesses in my groin and/or underarms(both very sensitive areas)which may require antibiotics but if they get too large, it may require cutting and draining massive amounts of PUS from my body.
Sorry if this is TMI......but at least I am not sharing pictures of 1 pint of bloody

And that is what happened this week.
I got cut and drained in my poor armpit at the ER.
(Thankfully they didn't have to call in a general surgeon and do it in an OR and keep me there like they thought they would have to.)

But it was more like cut, drain, squeeze, poke and pack.
Then it was so much fun I got unpacked, cut, drained, squeezed, poked and repacked again.
All without being knocked out with good drugs.

Good Times. 8-(

They gave me Percocet afterwards the first time which I had forgotten makes me itch all over and gives me headaches.
So then they gave me Vicodin which just makes me dehydrated.

The pain is tolerable now however so it's all good.

Hopefully when I go back Monday things will be improving and I won't have to do the cut/drain/squeeze/poke Hokey Pokey again.
That shit gets old......ya know? ;-)

Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers.
Keep them coming for awhile longer.

I'm sore as hell and I don't have a lot of energy right now so I may only be around sporadically.
Thankfully Hubs is home to watch the dog now so I can nap in peace at least.
That is, after I pack up a large fabric order for an Etsy sale and make Hubs a grocery list to shop from.

Then I will wait for the medical bills to start rolling in.
That's when I'll need the Vicodin......




  1. You sound like one tough cookie. Sorry for all of your suffering this week.

  2. That sounds incredibly painful - I cannot even imagine. I am so sorry you are having to go through this.

  3. That sounds horrendous. What is the name of this condition? I see you at least had beautiful blue skies under which to suffer. I thought my no water 12 days was horrendous, but I suppose you would trade. Strong pain meds make me either sleep or fall down or thrash about when I try to walk. Good luck with Monday and your draining session. I like your labels on this one.

    The post made me light-headed. Yes, I know. It's all about me.

    Glad hubs can help with the dog.

  4. That sounds awful! I hope you are able to rest this weekend and Monday goes better.


  5. Gee, when you said it was hard to sit and type, I thought it was something tush related like rhoids. Sorry you had to endure so much discomfort. I hope it all subsides quickly.

    1. The sitting was fine it was the typing and mouse-using part that hurt. Having an abscess the size of a small grapefruit under your arm will keep you from that activity. lol

  6. Thanks so much for sharing all the gory details….LOL Hope you start to feel like your ole self, miss your posts.


  7. Oh lord, Sluggy! That's awful! I do hope things clear up quickly and stay that way, chronic or not!

    Peace <3

    ps, now that you're back, could you please update my blog link in your blogroll. I am now at Thanks!

    1. thanks Jay!
      I've already put your new blog addy on the blog roll on the side bar.

  8. Sluggy, I pray that the worst if behind you now, and you will soon be fully recovered. Is there anything you can do to prevent another flare up?

  9. Thinking of you and hope you are getting better! Don't forget to take laxatives and softeners with those painkillers! Drink apple juice and eat prunes too! You don't need to have the trains stop running on top of all the other torture...

  10. Oh this sounds like so much fun. I know that is very painful and it comes on quickly. take care of yourself and insist on pain meds.

  11. Take care of yourself! We are soooooooo related, I had that happen to my elbow. And the doctor decided to not only cut a hunk of skin out but then use a flipping mini-spoon to scrap the muscle to make sure it was clean. And for the life of him, he couldn't understand why I was in so much pain after only giving me one shot to numb the area. I was like, dude put me under! And to make it even more fun, all I did was bump the damned thing for like a week straight.


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