Saturday, November 22, 2014

More Pig, Some Joe & Clothing Shops

Whoa is me.

Or rather Whoa is my November food budget......

I don't even want to add it all up this month.
It is going to be bad.
I may have topped $500 already this month and it ain't over. 8-(((

Dang Weis(PMITA)Markets for running this Kraft Deal and for all the other great sale prices this month!

I went back to Weis last night and got 3 more packs of OM bacon for $3.32 a pack as I updated on my last Weis post.

Then Hubs and I went back this morning......

I got 3 more packs of bacon, this time Reduced Sodium.  9 packs of bacon are now resting comfortably in my freezer.

And then Hubs went through the register and got 5 cans of coffee.
Since the Deal is based off the reg. shelf price if he got the $5.69 priced cans he only had to buy 5 to exceed the $25 threshold.  These were all on sale for $2.99 and after the $5 instant discount came off they cost us $1.99 each.

With the other items we also bought, I saved 56% and Hubs saved 65% over regular retail on our transactions.

It's all I can do NOT to jump in the car and go and run back for more coffee at that price! ;-)

Then we went to the local market and spent $35 to get a .47¢ a lb. turkey.  Their system wouldn't let me use coupons and still get the discount price on the turkey.  What a mess it was figuring that out since the staff can't do math in their heads!  They eventually had to enter things manually to override the computer, and it was a big brew-ha-ha and I STILL think I overpaid a bit but I left there with $93.07 in food for $37.37 so I can live with it.  8-)
This included 2 applesauce packs, 4 bags croutons, fried onion rings, 3 large cans of tomatoes, 2 brownie mixes, a MC pie, 1 pack of pumpkin cake donuts, a gallon of milk, 1/2 lb deli meat, 1/2 gal. OJ, sour cream, 3 whipped cream, a large bottle of sea salt, 6 bags of premium frozen veggies and a 16 lb. turkey.

Then it was off to Kohl's armed with $30 in Kohl's cash(which has to be spent before Turkey Day)and a 20% off discount pass.  We got Hubs a new pair of $75 dress shoes, after sale and discount and KCash cost us $11.99.  Then I got $185 worth of clothing for #2 Son on clearance for $47.99 and after the 20% discount paid $38.39 out the door for that load.

Total value of goods today....$429.43
Cash OOP......$118.14
72% savings rate on all.

Now I'm off to go record my spending in the notebook and have a stroke after I add it all up. lolz




  1. I am so envious of all your low-priced bacon as bacon has been the biggest unaffordable item for us here. Even Costco's prices are too high. The other day though my husband and I were in the Foodland grocery store where our first stop is always the reduced meat section, and we found 6 packages of bacon marked down to less than half price. Score! We took all of them, but are having to ration it because we know it may be a L-O-N-G time before we can afford bacon again. Guess it's another one of those "paradise taxes" - unaffordable bacon.

    1. Laura,
      That is how I afford bacon, just eat it less often.

    2. You would think that since pork is a popular ingredient in Hawaiian cooking that there would be pig farming locally?

  2. And the master strikes again. I fully believe that after Thanksgiving or at least after Christmas you will have a really low grocery spending month. I wish I could tuck some bacon into my freezer! I will be looking for that deal to come this way soon.

    1. I am thinking December may be my low spend month....not my usual $400 low spend but even better! lol

  3. If I keep spending like this I may stroke out before I have to cook the turkey. I decided to buy everything that I needed and then got the bright idea not to hit savings and see if I could scrounge up the money. Scrounging makes me feel like I did when we first were married but without all the sex. sigh.

    1. Oh, all the bad things about being newly married without the good stuff. Who needs that?

      You are a resourceful diva so I know you will pull it off!

  4. I am intrigued by the coffee, for I seldom buy any so I don't know who much it usually costs. Is this a bargain? Is this sort of coffee 'worth it"?

    1. Maxwell House in a long trusted American brand. I don't drink the stuff but Hubs does as does #2 Son(who prefers dark/rich Espresso types). The cans we bought go for $5.69 a can normally so $1.99 is a fabulous deal on those!

      Of course ANY bagged coffee(even a Starbucks which you pay dearly for in the bag)beats the price point of those evil Keurig coffees in those single serve pods by a country mile! lolz

  5. I am sticking with my plan to go through complete denial of my spending until after Christmas. If I actually looked right now I would be depressed throughout the holidays. ( And this is why I always have a cash stash for Christmas gifts.) In my next life my kids and grands are going to live in the same city I do or at least one with no longer drive time than 4 hours, she said right after she booked flights across the country.

    1. The Ostrich approach to holiday spending....lolz
      I prefer to rip the band-aid slowly aka watching every penny leave my wallet instead of looking away until it's over.

      I don't understand people who don't plan for this spending time, since it does come around ever. single. year.
      Good for you for having a $ stash.....

      I don't have grands yet but my kids are flung across the eastern part of the US. Someday we hope to relocate to be near at least one of them.

  6. I miss bacon. Well....we can afford it,but I just refuse to pay the price for it. I miss $1 packages of bacon!


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