Friday, November 21, 2014

Looking Back at my Stockpiling Efforts

Someone recently asked about stockpiling in a comment on the blog.
This got me thinking about back when I started stockpiling products.
I found my first blog post on the subject from March of 2009(I had been stockpiling at this point since mid-February of 2009) so I thought I'd post it again as I am feeling nostalgic.  ;-)

I'll be doing more posts on and revisiting the stockpiling theme in the coming weeks.


From Blog Post called  "I'll Show You Mine".

I've been clipping coupons and practicing the Art of the Coupon now for just over 6 weeks.

On Saturday, I put all my toiletry steals & deals together and took this picture. I guess you would now call this a Stockpile.....

This is only the stuff I got for free or pretty darn close to free, up to March 12th. This doesn't include the armloads of stuff the family is now using and it's ONLY Toiletries(except for the 3 packs of gum on the bottom right side). There is also the PAPER Products Pile, the CLEANING Products Pile and the humongous FOOD & DRINK Pile.

With calculator in hand, I figured a rough estimate of $788.00 retail value on this, as they call it here, turlitrees lot. I paid approx. $20 out of pocket cash for all this and that included all the taxes.

I need to make some plans to utilize some of this now. Like taking the glucose meters to the free clinic & some of the toiletries to the local women's domestic violence shelter. Seriously, no one needs 14 tubes of toothpaste!

I've found that over these weeks, I've gotten a little more picky about what I try to score. I no longer try for the Glade products, Scenty Sprays & things like Fabric Softeners usually, as those are somethings we just don't use. Also Tums and Gastro-type medicines. This family has indestructible gastrointestinal tracts it seems.lolol
I don't wear make-up but I've gotten a bit(not pictured)for #1 daughter. She snatches that away right quick!

So, how am I doing with the Hounding??

And more importantly, WHERE do I put all this stuff??!!??!!
I really really need my dining room table back.
Every crevice is filled in my house and garage! My pantry is filled, the trunk of my car is packed, the shelves in the garage are groaning under the weight of too many canned goods ready to topple over.....I need to organize it all and FAST!!
I may have to evict a child and take over their bedroom.
Hey, now there's an idea.....
Evict the surly teen du jour, gain some storage space.

"Sorry was a choice between you & your stuff or the Bic Razor Stash. The razors keep my legs silky smooth & you keep my blood pressure up by arguing with me. Sorry, you'll have to find someone else to stress out for the next 2 yrs."
***Poof! Sluggy wakes from her dream.***

Seriously though, how much space does your total stash take up in your house?
I've seen other people's stash photos but tell me how much space you use for yours.

Sluggy-Stash Challenged


  1. Wooo Lol. I asked about the stockpile. I just love seeing them. I am a couponer and have had some stockpile items, a few items at a time, but not a collective garage full, or room full. With the extreme couponing shows, etc it's been tough getting deals. Stores are cracking down with the surge of people. And I find that my shopping interest declined, however it has recently surged (coupon shopping I mean).

    I do plan on hitting the drug stores for black Friday. Are you going Sluggy?

    1. Actually it was more than 1 person who asked. ;-)

      You can bet I'll be at Rite-Aid bright and early Thursday, Friday AND Saturday to roll my +Ups to get FREEBIES! woohoo
      That's the only BF drugstore shopping I'll be doing that weekend as I'd have to go into W-B to get to CVS or Wags and the traffic there will be insane.

      Since the kids started leaving home my stockpile has shrunk from it's high of massive amounts to the still too much it is today. Now that the last kid is almost out of the house we'll be reevaluating and weeding the stockpile. There will always things/food I'll stockpile however, like olive oil, nuts, tomatoes, etc.

  2. And, yet, you did manage to hold onto the kids and find room for your stash. I remember your pictures of bathroom closets full to the brim at your house.

    I like the old post, the beginning. I certainly don't expect you to know or figure it out, but I wonder how much you have saved over the years, not only for yourself but for others.

    It seems like the toiletries and makeup for them would still be good since you see them or mail things. Those flat rate boxes hold a lot if you are mailing anyway. That is how I get the toothpaste and toothbrushes to my kids and g-kids--stuff them in with birthday or Christmas presents that wee going to be mailed anyway.

    I I go out BF, I will carry a walker or cane--not for walking, but for self-defense. No, I am not kidding.

  3. Being a Mormom, I have always had a stash of food and necessities. But since you and yes I blame you turned me onto the Rite aid, Walgreens thing, I realize I to will have to get organized. I am staring to have an overflow problem. You are right in that you eventually have way more shampoo and tooth paste than you need. Yes you can donate some items and my girls certainly enjoy the makeup and goodies I have brought home. But who are we saving this money for? If it is free I will take it, but like you and the glade products I don't use them, I just let my house stink. After the Nutcracker I am going to get cracking on the cupboards and organize the stash I have started.

  4. My stockpiling has dwindled over the years. I used to have shelves and shelves and shelves of stuff. It was all neatly hidden away in cabinets and closets, Then when the kids all moved out, it got its own room, but it is getting smaller. I realized last week I am running low on shampoo and conditioner. I thought that would NEVER happen.


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