Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happenings Lately at Chez Sluggy

*  Halloween has come and gone......

We had a couple dozen trick-or-treaters this year.
Very unusual for our neighborhood.
Hubs mentioned that most of the kids are aging out of trick-or-treating around here and the neighborhood is growing older.
This might be true but I think the fact that our high school had a home football game on Friday is more of a factor.
Football is almost a religion in these parts of PA, even high school football.  I think the fact that most families(including younger siblings of players, cheerleaders and band members)were at the game explains why there were no older kids(over 10)out begging for candy this year.
One little girl was especially cute this year.  She was about 3 or 4 and had on a homemade dinosaur cotume(a T-Rex to be exact).
She walked up the driveway while her mom stayed at the street and onto the porch.
I said to her, "Oh please don't eat me scary dinosaur!"

She thought a moment, then took 1 tiny step toward me and said very quietly, "Chomp!".
So cute.
She got extra candy......
Here's our bowl of candy once the night was over.
It's a huge bowl and held 4 large bags of candy.  Even with giving out handfuls of candy to each T-or-Ter it's still half full!
That's ok.
I can throw what's left into the next package I send #2 Son, or he can eat on this when he comes home for Thanksgiving break in a few weeks.

*  The day before Halloween, the police finally caught "suspected" cop-killer Eric Frein, the latest entry onto the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List from around here.
We use to live in the Poconos, near the town where they held his hearing last week, and I use to drive by that PSP barracks where he shot at the police quite often in my daily life.
Knowing this area I knew it would be awhile before they flushed him out of the woods being as he was a survivalist devotee.  But I didn't think it would take just shy of 7 weeks to run him down!
Hubs and I really thought the authorities would have to resort to issuing Frein tags to the local hunters(hunting--another things that's akin to a religion around here)to finally get him.
"Ok Mack, here's your doe tag, your buck tag and your Frein go out and do some killing!"

Hunters have been denied any of the various hunting seasons since the beginning of October around here but they got Frein just in time not to ruin turkey season.
I am also so glad because that's all that's been on the local tv news around here for 7 weeks. 

*  I got a letter back from the P&G laundry rebate I sent for on Saturday telling me I didn't spend enough to qualify for the deal.
Obviously someone working on this deal can't do math!
I have copies of everything I sent them to prove I spend enough.
You had to spend $30.
I spent $49.02.
Subtract coupons totaling $14.25.
That gives you $34.77.....well over the $30 required.

Now I am debating whether to just let this go or to send them a letter with copies of my copies and pointing out the math is correct and they have erroneously screwed me out of my $10 rebate...which they will probably ignore and I still won't get satisfaction.
Or I can just start boycotting P&G goods instead.
What would you do?

*  I got a deal last week.  This showed up in the mail about a month ago......

A sheet of coupons from K-Mart offering me various $ amounts of gift cards for transferring prescriptions.
It was expiring October 31st so I transferred an rx that was coming due the end of October and got a $40 gift card for my trouble.

The other 2 offers were only for $10 gift cards so I only moved 1 for the $40 card.

Free Christmas shopping money?
YES please!!  8-)

*  We have officially been cable TV free for 10 days now.
And I am not adjusting well.  Up until now I have been a cable show watcher.  There are very few shows I have watched on network tv for years now.  Big Bang Theory, The Middle and Modern Family being the few exceptions to this.  Though I am not a big tv watcher my fav shows are mostly on cable.  We don't have Netflix of Hulu Plus or watch DVDs here much.  It has been a difficult 10 days for me but I keep reminding myself that for the few shows I am missing it's not worth the $70 we are now saving each month.
The jury is still out on this experiment however.

*  It's the beginning of November so I dug through and organized the freezers.  I have lots of salmon in there as well as pork chops.  I keep putting pork chops on the menu but we always seem to not get around to making them. lolz  I am going to try to eat down the freezer over the next few weeks so I can hopefully get a second turkey cheap and fit it into there....or maybe just a turkey breast since it's difficult to finish off a whole turkey between just Hubs and I. 

*  I finally went though my Summer clothes last week.  About time since it looks like it might SNOW today.
I had to wait until we went to OC to change out the wardrobe since I needed warm weather things to wear down there.  Now it's time to knuckle down and put away the sandals and shorts.
double bleh.

*  It's coming up on 2 months since we contacted Sears about our split-unit going out on us.  After sending out a repair guy who was clueless TWICE, they finally sent out the guy who installs these things and guess what?.....the whatever died last year on the compressor and was replaced is dead again.  Twice within 12 months they went.
He tried to get Sears to replace the whole compressor, since it seems to be a lemon, but guess who is opting to replace the part again?
Have I said how much I hate Sears now??
When we called for service in August we didn't have a/c.  Now we need heat it's been so long. 8-(

Anyway, if last year's fun is any indication of this year's fun with this, the part is having to be shipped from Japan so it will take it's sweet time getting here and the unit getting fixed......again!
Have I told y'all how much I hate Sears lately???
So we hobble along using the baseboards and the ceramic storage heaters that still work to keep warm.
Boy, I can't wait to get out of PA and this house.
Only 3 more years.....

So what's new at your house?




  1. It's freezing rain here today. i ran out long enough to get dog food and popcorn... I'm going to make a pot roast for supper and do some baking that I'll most likely take to work and give away... I'm going to have a nap at some point too! Add a little bit of house work and two tires dogs equals a splendid Sunday! Oh and I did the puzzles in the paper...

  2. We got 36 trick or treaters, down from 60 the year before so I bought way too much candy. Next year? I will buy for 40 kids and that is it, lights out if we run out. That sucks about your heat/ac, you pay good money and expect to get a good product. You should raise a little hell (in the form of many calls to head office - daily if need be) if you haven't already.

  3. I don't miss cable. At least not as long as I have 5 seasons of The Good Wife to Watch. I watched all 4 seasons on Falling Skies and who knows what show will get me hooked next. I do miss the Big Bang Theory but you can watch full episodes on CBS online for free. :-)

  4. Oops! Correction! It's no longer free. Darn!

  5. I cut cable and got an antenna. The only things I can really watch now are the shows you mentioned. The antenna from WM was $100 and gets two channels. If exbf would face it in the right direction, I could get more, but he insists west is in different direction. Mohu Leaf is supposed to work really well. You could try those. The first is easy to install and the Leaf works from inside the house.

    Still no water! Cannot do laundry, put color on hair, wash hair...ugh.

    I saw very few children out here, but there was a ball game going on. Plus, most of the churches use fear of candy, strangers, Halloween and getting hit, to get children to come to trunk or treat. The biggest fear is of children coming in contact with the evil, occult worshipping, devil worshipping, dead worshipping fold who say "Halloween." To me it is all fun and candy.

    My sandals stay out all winter. My winter wardrobe is just adding sweaters, shoes I must wear, socks, and two light jackets and one for yard. I put away It's still in 70s here.

  6. It's been cool here! Nothing much happening! I like wearing shorts and hoodies. Perfect cool weather clothes.

    Peace <3

  7. I would not let the P&G issue go. It is only $10. but it would make me so mad I would be emailing the CEO or something. It is the principle.

  8. We had a ton of trick or treaters but we are in a neighborhood filled with kids. They come to the door usually in groups of 4-6. Its a fun night but fortunately it only lasts about 2 hours. Cutest costume here was a 2 year old dressed as a strawberry.
    I hate Sears too!
    Because you never know what the weather will be like here I keep a couple pairs of shorts out all the time, and flip flops are all but the coldest weather footwear of choice.

  9. No trick or treaters here, we live too far out in the country. The football game here, usually held on Friday, was moved to Thursday this week for Halloween. lol

    Nice deal on the $40 gift card from Kmart. I would definitely go after the $10 rebate from P & G. You spent the money and they need to acknowledge that with the rebate. :)

  10. Chomp-now do I get extra candy.
    I laughed about issuing tags for the guy in the woods. That would probably work to a point. Mind you, a few of the hunters would shoot each other but I'm guessing they would eventually flush him out. Send in Dick Cheney.

  11. Boo Sears!! I just got my bill from the furnace guy who I helped change the batteries in my thermostat. $99 and change. And I provided the batteries. Feel better now? Sigh...chomp chomp chomp!


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