Monday, November 17, 2014

Go Help Linda...Please

Our blogger friend Linda is having some financial difficulties presently.
Linda has no water in her house.
The water line to her 112 year old house needs replacing.  This is an expensive repair/replacement involving digging up the old lines and replacing them. 

And when the plumber looked into this issue he found that someone had cut her sewer line to boot!
Plus her hot water heater may need to be replaced as it's been sitting in standing water in the basement(rusting).

She has been without a consistent source of fresh water for weeks now.
And she doesn't have the funds to have any of this fixed.

Linda lives on a fixed, Social Security income, which I would find difficult to exist on, let alone pay for major home repairs out of that.

There are no agencies she has found, nor any Church group locally, that will help her with these financial difficulties.

There is a GOFUNDME fund set up HERE to help her pay for these repairs so she can remain in her home.

If you are feeling compassionate this Holiday Season, consider making a donation to this cause.
I know everyone and their brother has their hands out this time of year but giving to this good lady you know all the funds(outside of what Go Fund Me charges for a fee)will go to the intended recipient and not pay administrative costs like with some large charities out there.

If anyone would like to donate directly via snail mail and not through the site, please email me and I'll act as a collection point and forward all donations received.

Thanks for considering this worthy cause.  8-)



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    1. Frances,
      Thanks. I tried all day with the help of a help tech, and I cannot get back into the site to thank people.

  2. She should check with her local United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development office. I work for the USDA, not for Rural Development, but I know that they assist (whether it be a grant or a low interest loan) in situations like this. She should look into it.

    1. I don't have any money to pay back a loan since I can barely exist on what I have. If I lived in the county, I could get help. I have asked.

  3. The hardest part of this repair is the digging, although a ditch-witch can be rented for this purpose. When I was much younger, I did this myself. See:

    In the meantime, what I did was hook up a garden hose to my neighbor's spigot and then (using an adaptor I made from garden hose parts) hooked it to mine. I shut off the main city water connection and then opened the spigots and had water for a few days until I could make the repair.

    Many plumbers take advantage of people by calling this "emergency service" and then digging up the entire yard with a backhoe. I was quoted $5000 for such a repair.

    I rented the ditch witch for $250 and I think the PVC pipe was about another $100 with fittings and solvent.

    Sorry I'm not there to help you with it. This, and main sewer lines, are expensive procedures and eventually they both fail.

    P.S. - I now live in Georgia, and the main water line to my house is only 6" below the surface!! A lot easier to fix. Growing up in snow country, this appalls me, of course.

    Good Luck!

    1. Robert,
      I know lots of people who tell me how they did it, but no one to help me. I have asked. The churches three weeks ago said "we will see if we can find someone." sigh...same story Saturday. My neighbor would not allow me to use her water. She came to my house when people were working on my yard and told them what not to do because it would affect her. Besides, the sewer empties under the house! I am so glad there are people who know how to do and are capable of doing this kind of work. My Daddy or brother could have done this, but they are dead.

      LOL, I would let you help. This sewer line must be 12" deep. Plus, the concrete basement wall is in the ground and must be drilled through to put the new water line in. Having a line six inches deep seems mighty shallow.

    2. Slugmama,
      Thanks for this. I am grateful for every bit I get.

  4. I just read her blog and its endearing that she is still buying people Christmas presents! If I knew someone was going without water to buy me a gift I'd be saddened! I'd much rather you spend that money on your water nth at would be a gift to me. PP, do your friends and family likely feel the same. You having water is the gift.

  5. Sluggy, I love you and your good soul!

  6. Okay please send me info and I will send a check, bless you and her poor darling. Here I complain about my business and she is without water. Egads....

    1. Thanks! I hope your business problems are over soon.


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