Friday, November 21, 2014

Dollar Tree Deal

I know many folks who read my blog shop at Dollar Tree stores too.

On Sunday Dollar Tree will be holding a Customer Appreciation Day.
Go HERE and print out the page that is a discount card for 10% off a minimum $10 purchase on that day.

I'm not too proud to say that I shop at the Dollar Tree.
In fact some items are a much better bargain than buying them at the drugstore or grocery store.......unless of course you can get them for almost free at Rite-Aid.  ;-)

Go HERE to see a list of items you should always buy at the Dollar Store.

Personally I buy some frozen foods(pot stickers and fruit), eggs, some canned foods(like chili), pasta and dried beans, on a semi-regular basis there.  

What do you like to buy at dollar stores?




  1. Oh Dollar Tree, oh dollar Tree, how lovely are your specials. What DON'T I buy there? First and foremost, tissue paper for wrapping items I sell, also big size bubble mailers, foam core sheets, clear tape, dental flossers, sponges, deoderant, shampoo, kitchen towels, placemats, my coffee flavoring and so much more! It's the best store ever! Thanks for the tip about the coupon!!!

  2. Once again, I do not go there often because of pain in back when walking and searching. I did buy the bags to wash lingerie for grandson when he went to college. The bags were 2/$1. At WM they were something like $3 each. Plus, those bags can be reusable produce bags. With all Clamco listed, maybe I can walk in and drag myself out. Oh, I buy a mirror with a handle, so cheap compared to any place else.

  3. We don't have a Dollar Tree but have Dollar General. I like going there because their milk is cheap and it's way easier to bring my kids in there than Walmart, easier parking, shorter walk.

  4. I buy picture frames there. All I have to do is gussie them up a bit and they look and perform like the 20 buck gift store frames. ( I have developed a love affair with both pewter and oiled bronze spray paint.)
    Of course I buy all my tissue for gifts there. To ND Chic, I have a Dollar Gen within a mile of my home. Each year a couple of weeks after Christmas they have every single Christmas item marked down to $.25. I bought table runners and cloth napkins for a quarter each. Oh, sand they also had all Christmas ribbon (cloth not paper) marked $.10 a roll. I may or may not have 50 rolls now.

  5. I have always liked Dollar General for generic Excedrin, but can't think of anything else I look for. CTonabudget got me hooked on Dollar Tree.Love that store for frozen veggies mostly and cheese but I only buy Sargento, not sure what those marked Shreds are made of. Don't get there often but there is a nice Goodwill across the street.

  6. Love dollar stores! Dollar General and Family Dollar we hit regularly. 99 Cents Only we go to occasionally. It is HUGE though, so lots of walking. The same with Dollar Tree. But love them all.


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