Sunday, November 30, 2014

3 Day BF Rite-Aid Sale Results

Ok, so I was going to post what I bought at Rite-Aid each day of the Black Friday 3 Day Sale but my camera is dead until the battery charger gets here later this week.

So I drug everything purchased out onto the kitchen table Saturday night and asked Hubs to take 1 photo of it all with his Blackberry.

Here is the result of rolling +Up Rewards for three days........sorry for the less than stellar picture quality......

4 x Doritos $1.97 a bag gave $1 +Ups(cost .97¢ each)
4 x Staxx chips 2/$3 gave $3 +Ups (freebie)
4 x Planters nuts sets with Rain Check $2.99 ea. gave $3+Ups each(.01¢ moneymaker)
1 x J. Watkins lotion $5.99 gave $5.99 +Ups(freebie)
2 x GE light bulbs $3.99 ea. gave $3.99 +Ups(freebie)
2 x Hershey chocolate boxes $3.99 ea. gave $2 +Ups each(after $2/$6 purchase Q these were .99¢ each)
2 x Listerine floss $2.99 ea. gave $2 +Ups(after 2 x $1/1 Q were .01¢ moneymaker each)
2 x Gift Tape 2/$2 gave $2 +Ups(freebie)
3 x Toothbrushes .80¢ ea. gave $1 +Ups each(.20¢ moneymakers)
2 x Colgate toothpaste $3.50 ea. gave $3 +Ups(after $1/2 Q freebies)
2 x Philips ear buds $5.59 ea. gave $6 +Ups(.41¢ moneymakers)
1 x RA cough drops $1.27(wellness disc.) gave $1.49 +Ups(.22¢ moneymaker)
3 x Cotton Swabs .99¢ ea. gave .99¢ +Ups(freebie)
3 x Nivea lotion tin .59¢ ea. gave .59¢ +Ups(freebie)

35 items.
OOP spent $6.41
Regular retail of $168.48
A 96% savings rate.
And I have $40.15 in Up Rewards to roll going forward.

There was too much to buy to roll fully since I only started Friday with $21 in +Up Rewards and there was more I wanted than I had +Ups to pay for.
So on Friday I bought a $50 Home Despot gift card(using home improvement/maintenance funds)and got a "free" $10 in +Ups to use on Saturday.
Then I bought another $50 Home Despot gift card on Saturday because it is something we can use and it gave me another $10 in "free" +Ups.  I didn't plan this well though as I should have bought the gift cards on Thursday and/or Friday so I could use them both during this sale to roll.
Oh well.
Nobody is perfect.  '-)

If I hadn't bought the Doritos for College Boy my OOP would have only been $2.53 for the rest of this stuff.
That boy cost me $3.88....the nerve, huh?! ;-)

I also have a stack of 20 rain checks for stuff they ran out of, for various Wellness cards.

I think I got enough and besides 2 grocery stores,  Rite-Aid is the only store I went to this past weekend.




  1. I did really well also, but do not have the patience you do to post. My clerk was amazed with me on Saturday, I came in and bought as ton of stuff, many of the same items you did. I paid 6.36 OOP and then left with over 39.00 in ups, however I really see nothing I need in the next week and refuse to buy any more dental, poo or candy. Walgreens I have 40000 points so a $50.00 card and 28.00 worth of register rewards and again I want nothing in their circular. So..... I will see.


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