Sunday, August 31, 2014

Updated To-Do List for Last Week & What's on Tap for This Week

Here's the Update on this week's To-Do List--

*  Finish cleaning #2 Son's room  no
*  Clean out & organize Hall Entry Closet  done
*  Clean out & organize Hall Linen Closet  done
*  Write 5 Letters  I wrote 1 letter.
*  Complete car donation to ARC  done
*  Call motel to make reservations for September  no
*  Call Boarding Kennel for October  no
*  If time for it, start in on Garage Cleaning/Organizing  done
*  Finish load to Salvation Army  done
*  Finish straps on the nightgown I sewed  no
*  Reconsider how to proceed with the Etsy store and eBay  done
*  Work on a home project this weekend with Hubs(probably the Garage)  done-We worked on the garage

Well I got ssome stuff completed.

The #2 Son room clean out isn't finished but it's in progress.  I really need to get this one finished because his room is going to be my staging area for going through the rest of my fabrics before I put them on Etsy.

Here's the new To-Do List for this Week--

*  Finish cleaning #2 Son's room 
*  Write 4 Letters 
*  Call motel to make reservations for September 
*  Call Boarding Kennel for October 
*  Clean out my bedroom closet
*  Go through my Christmas gift box(yes I just said CHRISTMAS!)
*  Finish straps on the nightgown I sewed 
Relist fabrics on listings that expired earlier this year on Etsy
*  Put up another shelving unit to hold fabrics in spare bedroom.
*  Finish going through stuff in garage to put on eBay or send to Salvation Army
*  Pick out some fabrics to sew into clothes when I go through the tubs.
*  Order photo prints from relatives Shutterfly account.
*  Clean out kitchen island and organize
*  Do Net Worth Statement for Sept. 1st
*  Calculate Food Spending for August
*  Calculate $24K Savings Challenge Results for August

Just a few things on my list this week, huh?
The beginning of the month is always busy for me with all the financial stuff.
Throw in what I didn't get finished last week with new goals and the financial stuff and I've got a big big week!
I am tired already...... ;-)
The reservations and the straps to be sewn on the gown won't take long but the rest of it?  Geez!
I'll just pick something each morning and go with it, ya know?

Here's what's ahead this week on the blog too--

*  This Week on the Dining Table
*  At least 1 July Trip post-I am so behind on writing these up!
*  Something genealogy related
*  Food Spending for Aug.
*  Savings Challenge for Aug.
*  Probably a mish-mosh of randomness
*  What I got at Rite-Aid this week-yep I am still doing Rite-Aid this week....

So what is everyone else working on this week?
How did your plan go from last week?
Did you get anough accomplished to feel successful?




  1. I was pretty sleep deprived all of last week (did an overnight relay on the weekend, & it took me about a week to catch up). I did manage to: roll over my 401K!!!, get my passport, book my trip to Tokyo (groan) & get our 2015 vacations mostly planned out. That will help with our budgeting for the year, but I also have to request vacation time two quarters in advance. Not everything I wanted, but enough.

    You have some time consuming tasks on your list! ;-)

    1. Time consuming but not undoable. ;-)
      I would hate to have to plan a vacation a year in advance. It's one thing to have it in my head but to actually have to book flights/motels/etc. that far in advance is no fun.
      I like to be a bit more spontaneous....or is that a bit more irresponsible? lol

  2. "Reconsider how to proceed with the Etsy store and eBay" done

    What did you end up deciding?

    1. I'm going to relist all the expired fabric listings and go through what I haven't measured/photographed/listed and get it up on Etsy in September.
      eBay--I'm going to research everything I have left here to decide whether to list it now or not and if it's not worth selling now, it goes.

  3. Bought my tickets for the bloomsburg fair..thats about it...are you going??


    1. Hey Judy!
      No tickets for Bloom for me.
      I don't "do" the fair.
      When are you going? Email me.

  4. I could NEVER get all of that done!! Thank goodness I don't have to! My list includes: two hikes that are planned out, a trip to the lawyer's to close my real estate deal (house in PEI), hopefully a trip to the trailer park to purchase a trailer, sorting out my papers now that I have purchased file folders and hanging files for my new desk, some cleaning and organizing (closet under the stairs for starters). That's enough for the next few days. Oh, and a BEACH DAY!! And going out to lunch with other retired teachers on Tuesday (our first day of school). Gotta throw some fun stuff in there Sluggy!!

    1. Well the blogging and genealogy stuff IS fun for me. ;-)
      We all aren't retired yet so limited fun still.

      And y'all are going back to being trailer trash, huh? lolz

  5. I started cleaning out kitchen sink. I have weeks of pots that I cannot stand long enough to do. I cannot lean on the sink or counter because of a million ants and I am terrified of ants. I had some really grody stuff that exbf washed outside with Clorox and Dawn in the water. I am doing a load of dishes in the dishwasher every day. Counters, sinks, stove...all dirty because I rarely clean it all at once like was my habit. I will continue a bit each day for as long as it takes. I SWEAR!

    1. Ok now you have sworn so we will hold you to this. ;-)

  6. I need a nap just from reading your post. We don't plan meals, but we DID manage to eat less take out this last week and looking forward to more eating at home in the upcoming weeks. I need to put up a post this week.

  7. I'm with Frances, its nap time. Let's sleep off this weekend.
    I need to get my butt in gear and start getting more done. Add drinking to the list.


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