Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Some Days I Wonder Why I Even Bother Getting the Mail

Like the other day, here is what I got in the mail.....

I guess I am of a "certain age" and have gotten onto the old folks mailing lists.  I got an offer for a hearing test and a special price for hearing aids.

Hearing aids......really?
I am only 54 years old folks.

And this one will make you laugh.
Actually this is the SECOND one of these I have received in the mail.....

It's a letter from Whirlpool.
Remember back in the middle of June when I bought an Upright Freezer and it Died within 3 weeks of getting it?
Yes, it was a Whirlpool if you didn't recall.

And now the fine folks at Whirlpool are offering me an EXTENDED SERVICE PLAN for the freezer I returned to the store!

Well, thanks but NO THANKS on the service plan, since you couldn't even deliver me a freezer that would work longer than 3 weeks.
And then you wouldn't replace it and would only pay for it to be repaired!!
No one should have to repair an appliance in the first month they own it.


I will NEVER buy another Whirlpool branded anything for the rest of my life.
Got that Whirlpool?!?

I am off now to take my blood pressure meds(really need them after this post!lol), then try to sweep the new hardwood floors while sitting in my desk chair with wheels so I can put the rug down in the living room area.

Before I go let me tell y'all that I had the weirdest dream last night.

I dreamed that I was a cooking helper for that Pioneer Woman person(who's show I don't care for).....but she was a cross between that woman and that Duggar woman(of the "1 billion kids and counting" show).....but she was also Fundamentalist Mormon with 20 kids.  I had to cook for them all and the only food they wanted me to make was crap, processed stuff or full of butter and beef and other high fat foods. 
It was a very strange dream......
I guess that's what happens when you can't climb the stairs and have to sleep on a sofabed.  8-)



  1. And I thought my dreams were strange... I do like PW and her recipes, though they are a bit too high up for my skills, budget and tastes. Nice photos, though. "1 billion kids and counting"? Sounds like a religious show! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. That kind of mail happens. Imagine getting it for over 17 years and there is no way to stop it. Plus, there are insurance and death benefits galore, all stuffed in the mailbox. "Plans" for Medicare/Medicaid. Seriously, I had to quit getting angry or I would be on bp meds myself.

    You have just about convinced me to never buy WP again. Obviously, you got a lemon. The company must have changed since I bought my last appliance.

    If I did not live alone, my reading your stories would make me have to explain why I am howling with laughter. Did you make tater tot casserole?

    1. I can't remember now what I had to make in that dream. I should have written it down when I got up from the bed but forgot to and it's already fading away. It wasn't tater tot casserole(gag!!lol)but I am sure it was just as bad...lol

  3. :) We're constantly getting extended warrantee stuff for cars we don't own anymore, etc. Actually I lied to one telemarketer last week saying we didn't own that car anymore.

    1. Sometimes they just force you to lie, don't they?
      I told the Red Cross my Hubs was dead once b/c they wouldn't stop calling me.lol

  4. My mother in law (who has passed and used to live in the house I'm in) still gets tons of catalogs and junk mail. I have contacted some of the companies and asked them to stop, but they just put it the junk mail in MY name instead....and it's still coming! So today I found this website:
    You can go there and pick the catalogs you don't want sent to you anymore and they will take care of everything. I hope it works.


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