Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week Two of the Giveaway is Now Open

It's Week 2 of the September/Fall Boring Blog Box Giveaway.
Here's how it works if you are new here.......
I put things in the box(mostly what I have gotten for free or almost free)each week and when the box is filled we draw a winner from all the entries received.

Here is what went into the Box today......2 items to make your joints and eyes feel better, 1 item to make your skin feel better and 1 item to make your eyes purty......
1.  a 2 Pack of Oil of Olay Soap-sensitive variety
2.  1 tube of Ben-Gay muscle relief cream
3.  1 Almay Intense i-Color eyeliner/eye make-up pencil--rich mocha color for green eyes
4.  1 bottle of Visine Advanced--Redness & Irritation Relief variety

 Over $20 retail worth of HBAs!
If this is your first time, please go read all the rules for these Giveaways HERE.  *As always, if you are located outside the US, you CAN enter and win but weight restrictions/shipping costs may mean your prize box will contain less items.*

***Time to enter.....You can enter on this Giveaway post until I close this post to entries.

1 entry per person per day on THIS POST.
Leave your name/email address and a COMMENT on this post.  

This week I want to hear about whether you take advantage of the cheaper prices of seasonal vegetable harvest in late Summer/early Fall by stocking up on fresh produce to perverse(can, freeze or dehydrate)it for later eating in the colder months?  If you do what do you like to preserve and using which method?  And what veggies do you get for the best prices in September and what region of the country(and which country if not the US)do you live in?
In August and September here in PA I can my homegrown tomatoes and some years I buy additional from a local farm by the bushel to can if I get ambitious.  I often can my own pepper relish if I can get red bell peppers for a good price and I have enough green tomatoes left in September on my plants to make a batch of relish.  I will buy extra of the red bell peppers to also freeze peppers for use in the winter when the prices of peppers get high.
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Two more weeks/posts after this and the box will be full and ready to pick a winner.

Any questions?  Just email me.

Happy Entering!! 



  1. Hi, sweetie. That eyeliner is my color, so I need to win.

    I freeze anything I can get good deals on during the summer. Then I do jamming in the Fall.

  2. I grew up eating almost exclusively home-preserved foods and home-grown beef and pork. As an adult, I haven't done much of it, except making jam and jelly most years. I want to start canning again.

    I do always have a lot of blackberries frozen. Right now I have about 40 pounds of them in the freezer, which cost me nothing except the time to pick them. I make a batch of jam here and there throughout the winter, as sugar goes on sale for holiday baking.

    I live in an isolated area at the coast where we don't really have farmer's markets or anything other than whatever is on special in the local grocery stores. I can get squash at good prices, and apples...which they bring in by the huge orchard crates and they go on sale for about 40 cents/pound. I am going to buy at least 10 pounds and make some apple butter, which I have never made before, and some applesauce.

    I will buy 10 pound bags of sugar occasionally throughout the next few months, and make some jams with fruits I have in the freezer--my blackberries, mashed mango, red plums, and honey dew melon, and will buy a box of satsumas when they are on special in December, and make marmalade.

  3. 9/15
    You are on my blogroll too

    Lisa @ Cents To Save

  4. Hi I freeze bell peppers, squash, of any kind for winter I always check wats in season everytime I go to the store. I live in tn.

  5. 9/16
    I don't can yet, but would seriously like to try it. Have you heard about oven canning for dry goods such as flour, etc?

    Lisa @ Cents To Save

  6. I haven't paid attention to what is on sale. We have pretty long seasons her on the Gulf Coast.

  7. At the moment we have several okra plants that are producing not-quite-enough pods a day to cook enough for a regular meal, so my husband cuts and breads them and adds it to a large zip-top freezer bag. When we're ready for fried okra it's breaded and ready to go. I just bought some onion sets to plant now for spring onions, and I'm anxiously waiting for tangelo and pecan season. Last year for Christmas my son bought me a citrus tree; a teacher I work with shared some of hers last year and they were incredibly sweet. We have a friend who has over 20 pecan trees; last year she had so many she called me several times to come help pick them up. I came away with close to 40 pounds of pecans - free!

  8. I've decided to make some juice with my blackberries, and also some syrup.
    I made some blackberry vinegar a few weeks ago, one jar with regular vinegar and one jar with balsamic vinegar.

  9. 9/17
    Happy Tuesday!

    Lisa @ Cents To Save

  10. 9/18
    I don't can, but I do freeze veggies for the winter, especially zucchini and peppers. Here in central Ohio, we are still getting tomatoes, zucchini and peppers. Am hoping to get to the apple orchard maybe this weekend to pick apples with the kids. Have a great Wednesday!

  11. 9/18
    You are on my blogroll! :)

  12. Your giveaway is here:

  13. I am so jealous of Karen's pecan source! I wish I has one.

  14. 9/19
    I will be baking bread today.

    have a great Thursday!

    Lisa @ Cents To Save

  15. 9/19
    Going to buy a rat trap right now.

  16. 9/20
    I have been buying produce and dehydrating it. Fifteen pounds of bananas ($.20/lb.)are in the dehydrator right now. I have 10 head of celery waiting ($.79/each),bell peppers, Vidalia onions ($.79/lb), and other produce.

    I picked grapes from my yard for at least one jar of jelly. The grapes were in a place I did not know, so I only got about a pint of grapes before they were gone.


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