Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Weekend

I think I've finally gotten over my after vacation funk/blues.  So glad to be past that.  I love getting away but always crash big time when we get home.
Next time I plan to just drink more the first week home from vacation.  At least that way I won't notice I'm depressed. lol

I've gotten past it just in time for workmen to arrive tomorrow at the ass crack of dawn to start banging hammers and making noise.....along with improvements to Chez Sluggy. ;-)

We got the dining/living room cleared out today and I'll run the vacuum in there tonight so the clouds of dust don't rise up and choke the guys working in the rooms.

It's been muggy as a $20 cup of coffee here(yah, that was a pretty lame simile, wasn't it?)all weekend.
And the expensive a/c system we just had put in is still not taking any moisture out of the air nor is it conditioning/cooling the air.
Hubs put in a complaint to Sears on Friday so hopefully they'll come and fix/replace whatever is keeping the blasted machine from working.....probably just in time for the Fall weather to kick in, right? LOLZ

I've been trying to stay cool, get a few things worked on(mostly Etsy/eBay  or blog related)and pick green beans.  I'm picking every day now to stay ahead of the crop.  The problem is I have no room in the two little fridge freezers to put them so we are eating a lot of green beans lately.  I'm hoping to make some rom soon(if #2 Son will just eat that ice cream and all those frozen chicken strips!lol)to freeze some of this crop.

We are also now getting tomatoes in.....sorry no photos of those yet.   7 so far and a ton more out still on the plants.  I'll need to can some later this week if the weather cools off a bit.  We are putting tomato on everything and have had BLTs twice in the last week....which I don't mind as I need no excuse to eat bacon.  lol

Oh, I sent a little package to my Aunt, whom I just reconnected with before we went on the Road Trip.
Taking all the good advise to heart, I bought a nice frame and put my latest pic of my 3 kids they had done for me at Christmas in the frame(since she's never seen my kids).  I then took a set of 8 nice notecards I had--with assorted Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker--and stamped and addressed 4 of them to me and just stamped the other 4 so she can write and send those to whomever she wishes.
The cards were sent tied with a white ribbon....

It was all packed up with a nice Happy 80th Birthday card and sent out via Priority mail.  I see it arrived 2 days later, in time for her actual birthdate(Aug. 9th)but I have yet to hear back from her about the package.

I have almost finished editing all the photos I took(including tons during the wedding ceremony)from our road trip.  Having to upload the videos to YouTube is proving to be VERY time consuming.....can you say slow as molasses uploads? 8-(

I promise I will get around to posting in excruciating detail about the Road Trip and Tanner's visit earlier in August hopefully this coming week.

Except for my colonoscopy and #2 Son's wisdom teeth removal, August was a very FUN month for me.
Yes, it was also very EXPENSIVE but what the heck!.....that's what money is for, right? 8-))

But with this heat/humidity I am SO ready for Fall weather to kick in so I can feel like being more active physically.
And I have a TON of things to get done this Fall too.

So that's what's happening around here this weekend.
What's up at your house?



  1. My dehumidifier quit. It has no warranty on it. One was not available, so that was a bad omen. I asked the store how to fix it, saying it had no warranty available. The guy said you buy lots here, so just bring it back for a refund. !!! Exbf was stunned because he was there at the time of purchase with his cc and knew there was no warranty even available to purchase.

    I had just barely repaid him, so he was glad to hear I would not need another.

    I found hibiscus priced at $35 for $1 at Lowe's. And, I have two posts up today about surprises and another about deals.

    You have had the worst experiences with broken, NEW appliances. No AC is a fighting situation.

  2. Maybe you should tell your aunt about the addressed and stamped envelopes. It would be a shame for her to save them for a later date, never knowing she had stamps on the envelopes and addressed to you.

    1. The back of the pack of notecards has the envies and you can see that they have stamps on them. If she ever calls me back I'll tell her in case she didn't see the envies.

  3. I didn't see anything before or after bacon. LOL!

    We just relaxed on Saturday as I had a rough week at work. Today we went to see the movie Heat, using a gift card, then went to eat, using a gift card. We went to Big Lots to buy a set of sheets, then to Aldi for a few groceries.

    It is so hot here, we were really glad to get home to the cool.

  4. Glad you're out of your funk. Can't wait to see photos from the trip!

  5. Hi Sluggy
    Here is the youTube link for jellyroll mug shipping

    Or if that does not work, look for Jason Smith FOMO
    "freely overcoming mug obstacles"

    1. Thanks Lisa! I'll check it out. I'm always up for learning new tricks.


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