Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Paint Deal

We hit our local True Value hardware store this past Saturday for paint.
They were having a killer sale of their private label brand paint, Buy One Get One Free, limit of 10 gallons. 
Their $23.99 a gallon paint was 2 gallons for $23.99.
And we needed paint to do the living, dining rooms and the stairway walls and ceilings.

So we got 6 gallons of wall paint and 4 gallons of ceiling paint.
Any leftover we can keep to use this winter in the upstairs hallway(and buy some more to finish that job later)when we are ready to have that space painted.

We got an even better price by having Hubs apply and get a True Value Discover card at the store.  Instant approval meant we could put this transaction on that card(and pay it off with the first billing statement so no interest), which also meant we got a bonus $25 off of a $75 purchase.....the paint came to $119.95 before tax so $94.95 with the discount.
After sales tax the $254.29 worth of paint cost us $100.65.

Nice. 8-)

Though our local True Value is closed today, this sale is still going on through today, Labor Day.

Now we just have to wait for the handyman guy to repair the walls and ceilings and get outta my way so I can paint! ;-)




  1. That is a great deal on paint, it normally is so expensive. I hate the actual painting part though :)

  2. I agree NICE. Paint is costly and you still have to do the WORK. Not fair.

  3. Yhat is a great deal. Maybe the impending DIY paint job is a cause of your post-vacation is anyone going to help you?

  4. That's an incredible deal on paint! We ended up getting Benjamin Moore paint and it cost us almost $700.00 to paint our family room, kitchen and hallway. (We have cathedral ceilings). We also had to pay for someone to paint as we are so done with doing that.... :)! You are a brave woman to do the painting!


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