Monday, September 30, 2013

I'm Back from The Middle of Nowhere!

I am finally back folks.
I know you all missed me terribly. 8-))

The trip went well and a good time was had by all.
I wish we had more time there since 2 of the 3 days was an all-day drive.
The fun part in the middle went by much too quickly.

The weather was great all 3 days.....sunny and warm-ish but not too hot.
Which is a good thing since the Reunion is held outside on the house grounds.

And my foot/leg suddenly felt much better by Saturday.  We stopped a few times on the way down Friday to break up the car ride, and for awhile I sat on the back bench seat with my leg elevated.  I walked through Walmart on Friday as we needed to pick up a few things and I felt the foot was better then(though it wore me out for the day)but by Saturday morning the foot was feeling 80% well.  My brother and sister in-law had brought a wheelchair they have for me to use on Saturday but it turned out I did aok without it.  Besides the small cement patio area they would have had a hard time pushing me around on the grass as it's not exactly flat there, so it's a good thing I was able to walk some.  I navigated ok with my cane and the folding chairs were fine for me to use plus they had the 5 large wooden rocking(and a small table I could put my foot up on)that are usually on the back porch out for folks to use and I parked myself in one of those for awhile.
Heck, I even walked up to the second floor to take a peek around at the work that they've done upstairs in the house(and the rooms that still need work).  I hadn't been inside the house since my great grandmother moved out of there in the mid 1960's. 

The Reunion day went way too fast.  I connected with a few folks but there were so many more there that I didn't even get a chance to introduce myself to.  Many of them left after only a couple of hours so the die-hards(us and a few of my mother's cousins)sat until about 4:30pm just visiting.
I didn't get nearly as many photos has I had wanted to at the Reunion or of the entire trip.  sigh.
And I didn't take a single horrendous video either.....I know, some of you out there are relieved about that one. lolz

I didn't get as many photos taken as I wanted to overall.
My brother took my camera with him when he went off on Saturday afternoon to my mom's property to get some photos there for me.  It's a long walk from the road and heavily forested so there was no way I was going to be able to get back there myself by foot(and nobody would have been able to wheelchair me back there either).  So I gave him the camera which meant I didn't have it to take photos from about 2pm on.

We had dinner after the Reunion with my mother's cousin and her husband from her Harper/Tucker side of the family at the pizza/Italian joint down the road from the motel.  That was a good visit too, plus mom's cousin helped me ID those mystery people in the photos I have which I had posted about in August of 2012 HERE.
This information also helped me break down a brick wall this morning on my Tucker ancestral line.

I'll post more about my trip later this week.  #2 Son has my camera cord so I can't even download my photos until I get that back from him.

Gary the workman is here from the handyman company and working on the baseboard and the crown mouldings.  I am hoping he can finish this up today so we can get moving on these rooms to get them inhabitable asap.

I'm off to go work on the end of the month budget/bills accounting now.  September will NOT be pretty...... 8-(




  1. I am SO glad you had a good trip!

  2. I'm glad you lay in the back seat and took care of the clot situation. Maybe you husband could take you for long rides since your pain is less.

    It would have been nice if I had had fun at my family reunion, but since no one showed up other than me....

    Since my phone and camera use the same cord, I can leave one in the car and one in the house. Manufacturers have decided to use three standard plugs. That way, once a cord is bought with a phone or camera, we won't have to keep buying the things! Also, they have a $5 bin at Walmart where you can buy the cords that ATT charges $30 to purchase from them. Mine from there also fits my Kodak camera.

    We will all be interested in your boring pictures and boring genealogy updates. Oh, the foot updates, too.

  3. Its good your foot is feeling much better. You must really love your extended family so much to travel for that far for one day.

  4. That's GREAT that your foot is so much better! WHEE HEE!!!!

    The reunion sounds like it was fun, too, if too short.

    Peace <3

  5. I'm glad to hear that your leg is better. I wish my family would have a reunion. My native American connections do have a get together but I have not been able to attend . My sister was able to attend a couple of times. The members of that group are actually quite distantly related with very few recent common relatives. I would like a "cousin" reunion with closer common memories. We have talked of having one in Arkansas which would be a reasonable destination for us all.

  6. I am glad your circulation is better!

  7. You were in the middle of nowhere and you didn't stop to say hi? I'm hurt!

    But glad you got some ID's on your mysterious pictures. Glad to hear that your foot is doing better as well and you didn't need much of the wheel chair. A little (or lot) of walking will hopefully bring it back to normal.

  8. So happy you had a good time. It is great that your foot is better, but don't overdo as it will flare again. This is advice from a woman that never over does anything;)

  9. I'm glad you had a good time and your foot didn't stop you from having fun!

  10. I'm glad that you had a great visit and that you are on the mend. You deserve some good things!!


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