Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hurrying Up & Waiting

My week isn't turning out how I wanted it to, though last week was similar, so I am not surprised the way it's going.

I am feeling better though.  No more redneck porta-potty here now thank goodness.  I can put more weight on my foot and do a tiny bit of walking(if you can call it that).
I actually got UP the stairs Saturday night to my wonderful bed for the first time since Thursday morning when I butt scooted down the staircase.  It was heavenly to actually get to sleep laying down.....ahhhhhh!
By Sunday afternoon I was able to sort of walk down again and walk back up for bedtime again that evening.  So now I am at least mobile enough to take short trips within the house from room to room if I rest the foot in between.

I also learned that not only can you get a blood clot in a leg from inactivity(like sitting or standing too long in one position), you can also get one from too much activity.  Who would have thunk that?!

I am still on Percocet however and that is what is helping me get through the day and get to sleep at night.  It takes the pain from an unbearable level to a tolerable one.
I have a fairly high pain threshold(demonstrated by having 1 of my babies naturally with NO painkillers at all and having a cavity drilled out and filled with no novocaine once)but being in pain nostop with no relief for days on end isn't my idea of a picnic. After 2 days of that, I break down and beg for it to stop.

I am now worried that this clot problem will keep me from attending a family reunion the weekend after the coming one.  I have my heart set on going to this so I am doing everything they tell me so I can get well enough to go.

The nurses are still coming to the house to draw blood for INR levels as they try to get me to between a 2 and 3 with the Coumadin in my system.  After 4 days of taking either 1, 1.5 or 2 pills I was still only at a 1.19 level so they had me take a quadruple dose(4 pills)last night.  Please pray that the docs get me stabilized at a 2-3 INR level with this drug soon so I don't have to miss the reunion. 8-)

Today is the last day I give myself shots...yippee!  I confess I am not very good as a shot giver, even to myself.  I still say Hubs missed his calling in life as he gives great shot. ;-)

I obviously couldn't keep the dr. appointment they scheduled for me yesterday as I can't walk to nor get INTO the car yet.  So they rescheduled it for tomorrow......and I think that is optimistic at best. lol

I need to get my Meal Plan for the week done too.  But it's hard to do when I can't get into the garage yet to check the freezer to see what I have in it to cook and I can't get to the store to shop yet.
I can send Hubs for a few things at a time but a full list overwhelms him.
Maybe I can get downstairs later after my noon shot and figure something out.

I picked the green beans I could reach yesterday from the deck as I had to be out there to put out the dogs.  There is also broccoli that needs picking today so I'm hoping Hubs will do that for me when he gets home.
I wanted to get to the farm stand this week to get red bell peppers to make pepper relish as the window of opportunity that they will have them and I will have green tomatoes on my plants still is closing.  If I have to pay reg. grocery store prices for those I can't afford to make the relish and I am almost out of it, and the season when I can make it again is a year off. sigh

My September is not going as expected so far.
By now I had hoped to have the remodel finished and the Etsy store opened, as well as getting the eBay stuff back listed again. I only have 14 listings ready for Etsy out of about 200 pieces of fabric to put in that store.  sigh again

As for the remodel....Hubs had to buy new baseboard moulding, as some of what he removed when we went to do the painting can't be reused, plus one of the walls in the rooms is quite bowed and with the carpet up and the hardwood flooring down, the width of the gap between the wall and the edge of the flooring is wider than the old moulding.  So we had to get new baseboard and quarter round pieces as well to extend the mouldings.  Hubs picked it all up(thank goodness we didn't have to order it and wait another 2 weeks for it!)and got it painted over the weekend....I think the quarter round lengths need a second coat though, so he'll do that this weekend.  Then we have to call the guys to schedule them to come back to install all the crown and baseboard mouldings.  It might take one day but probably will go into a second day to finish the job.

Once the guys are done, then we have to touch-up the paint job and then start filling the room with furniture and figure out WHERE to put it.  Oh, and I have to make the curtains too.
It's always something, right? lol

So that' how life here at Chez Sluggy has been going lately.

What's up at your house?



  1. Missy, you don't need to get involved in any more of this remodel that risks your life! You are more important that relish. Since your husband seems to be a Renaissance man (except for handyman), maybe he can be your sous chef for the canning and stand by to do the canning, too. I cannot get a 12 lb. turkey into the oven, so I have to get exbf to put it in and take it out. I hate it, but that is the way it is right now.

    Maybe someone can go take a picture of what is in the freezer...lol.

    Thanks for the information on the second cousin once removed bit. Make sure they are holding the reunion instead of striking out like I did and having to look at a locked church after a long drive.

  2. Glad you are finishing up the shots, I know how painful they can be. I hope your PT/INR levels out soon. How often do they do blood draws? Some times it seems they do it so often that they change in dosages doesn't have time to take affect. Take care of yourself--it does get better!!

  3. Boy, I do hope you are feeling better quickly! You need to go to the reunion to make up for the last few days. I know how I feel when one of my knees decides to act, and this sounds way worse. {{{{HUGS}}}}

    Peace <3

  4. Sluggy, yes lots of activity can lead to blood clots too. Looking back at my TBGs pre-clot symptoms, they increased as his training for his 100 Mile ride increased. Now we are watching things very carefully as he builds his activity levels up. I hate to say it, but I am glad he is on Plavix as being on Coumadin seems so much more complicated. You are lucky. If he had seen a doctor when he had pre-heart attack symptoms, I still don't think they would have caught it. The doctor who caught yours really did a good job.

  5. Don't know why it's not letting me post a comment on today's post... Anyway, Be careful!
    And as for family not knowing how to clean food before it rots... I'm with you! Unless it's made of peanut butter and someone is putting it in their mouths for them, they'd starve.

  6. Glad you got to sleep in your bed, finally. Praying for your quick recovery.

  7. I pray you get to go to the reunion. I mean, what kind of fun can they have without you!!!!
    And it isn't fair that you can get blood clots from too much or too little activity. Blood clots should pick one and stick with it!


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