Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Lobster, er....Labor Day!

Some special eats were to be had at our house today......

Of course I got them on sale for a low price. ;-)

Oh and I named my lobster "Maxine" before I took her apart and put her succulent morsels in my belly.

The neighbors grandkids did leave this afternoon so I didn't need to take a "nerve" pill......



  1. OMG I LOVE LOBSTER! I've had it fresh off the boat in Maine, and from a tank in a restaurant 1000 miles from there, and it's always GOOD!

    Steamed, with drawn butter...yummy!

    Peace <3

  2. Ooooh Lobster Lover Here Too!!!! I have dinner envy!!!

  3. Lobster is Labor Day food? I ever knew!

    Though I did see lobster tails at Aldi yesterday.

  4. Sounds yummy! Although I would need to have the heads cut off before I ate it...I'm too creeped out by the eyes!

  5. Breakfast Lobster!
    Seriously, I will never forget that phrase.

    40 years ago I was at my in-law's for the 4th of July Their friends had come down from Maine and brought a case of lobsters. It was amazing to have been in a situation where there was more lobster available than I could eat. I will never forget it!

    Recently my sister told of visiting a casino that offered all you can eat lobster. If I remember correctly she devoured 7 or 8 I'll bet I could top that! Let's just say that the Miller girls like them some seafood!

  6. Earlier, (1800s) lobsters were considered inferior food. Lobster was cheap and abundant, fit only for children, servants, slaves and prisoners. Prisoners often rebelled so violently that laws were passed that said prisoners could be fed lobster no more than three times a week. History has other stories of slaves rebelling.

    Times have changed. Lobster is neither abundant or cheap.

  7. I'm not much of a shellfish person, but I was picking crabs with my brother and her family. My dad ate some. I just picked it even though I was thoroughly disgusted. Hope you enjoyed the meal! RIP Maxine.

  8. I love lobster but hate boiling them. I just can't kill them. So I had DH pay $45. for my lobster and steak entree for our anniversary. My DIL loves lobster too. Perhaps if I bought them at Wegmans for the both of us, she would cook them. Now that is a plan.


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