Tuesday, September 10, 2013

And One More Thing I Forgot.....

Last week also sucked a little bit too in the financial arena.
Hub's car's "check engine" light went on and long story short, after 2 trips into the auto repair shop over the course of the week, Hubs has a new sensor, a new catalytic converter and our bank account is $600+ more bare.

Sad face.




  1. Ummmm, sorry to correct you but it isn't sad face time it is pissed off face time.

  2. My check engine light stays on and has been on for 13 years. Okay...

  3. Mine has been on more than 2 years (I've only had it 3) I probably won't get it fixed until/unless it won't pass smog certification at registration time. I just ignore the light. Another problem my car has is that the passenger door cannot be opened from the outside ....so I just reach over and open it for who ever is entering as the passenger. I figure there will always be a driver to reach over.

    I did get tires installed yesterday. The previous set had been installed while my grandson was still riding in the shopping carts at Cost-co. He began middle school (7th grade) last week! The tires looked okay but were 6 years old.

  4. I swear most of my cars just wanted attention and would put up the light for no real reason. Of course, stuff (completely unrelated to the engine light) do blow up eventually. But for the most part, it just wants attention.


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