Saturday, September 14, 2013

And The Good Times Just Keep Coming Or Don't Needle Me!

If you've noticed I haven't posted much in the last two days except for the giveaway post that went up this morning, which was scheduled ahead, you are correct.

I've been having more fun that any human should be allowed since Thursday morning.
Yah, that last sentence was written with sarcasm just dripping off of it.....

I woke up before 6am with a severe throbbing pain in my left foot.  It must have been bad if it woke me out of a sound sleep, huh?
I tried to get up but putting any weight on the foot just caused me to yell out in pain and fall back onto the bed.
I managed to butt scoot down the stairs and hobble into the den and plant myself in the recliner.

I thought that my painting marathon last weekend had precipitated this bad pain in my foot.  I had noticed that since Monday morning while the pain in my right foot at disappeared over the last few days from being on it pretty much non-stop for 2.5 days painting, the pain/ache in my left foot had gotten a little worse every day.  But when I went to bed Wednesday evening, it was sore but nothing that a good night of being off of it for 8 hours wouldn't make better.
Oh, but how wrong I was.....

After Hubs got ready for work he asked me how I felt and what I wanted him to do.
I knew he couldn't take off work on Thursday as he had vital company meetings he couldn't miss without enduring professional repercussions, so I had him gather some items I'd need over the course of the next few hours to survive without anyone here to fetch stuff for me(like my cane, my pills, a bottle of water and a couple food items)and I hunkered down to get through until he could take me to the doctor or the hospital or an urgent care.  At this point I could walk on the foot if it was absolutely necessary(like to get to the bathroom).

I called the dr. and they could only fit me in at around noon, but there was no way I could drive myself and I had no one available to drive me to the office.
Hubs was able to come home around 2-ish so we headed out to the ER, since the urgent care at the other hospital is by appointment(which is a dumb idea by the way).

After doing the initial intake at the ER, where they gave me a wheelchair, an ex-ray and then a Percocet(which did NOTHING for the pain) I sat for about 2 hours and then they decided to send me upstairs to their Urgent Care(which begins at 5 in the heart hospital facilities)since the ex-ray didn't show a break or sprain in my foot.  The Urgent Care would be able to see me faster I was told.

So we sat in Urgent Care an hour longer before seeing the doctor.  She was stymied by my symptoms and the ex-ray.  The ex-ray showed a small bone chip or spur on the right side of my left foot, by the big toe, but that was not there the pain was radiating from so she couldn't decide what was going on.  She ordered some blood work  and it only showed a slightly raised white cell count(indicating some infection, which is normal for me)and that my Vitamin K level was quite high.  She was going to send me home and just have me wear an ace bandage and give me some more Percocet or take Tylenol(hahaha)and see if it got better.....or not......

Just before she was about to leave me, she suggested we get an ultrasound of my leg, even though nothing hurt in my leg.  That was her last possible suggestion for diagnosing me so we went down for an ultrasound and then they drew blood again to check on some other level of something and then we sat some more.
Finally, after being in the Urgent Care for 4 hours, she sent me back to the ER, because the ultrasound showed I had a DVT in my ankle.....which is a fancy way of saying I had a blood clot in the vein in the back of my ankle for which I needed immediate medical attention.

So back down to the ER we go to sit in the hallway on a gurney for another 3+ hours so they can draw more blood and have an ER doc review my chart and they can set me up with drugs/rxs.  It was almost 2am when we got home.
They gave me a shot of morphine in the ER which seemed to take the edge off the pain(thank the lord!)but sent me home with 6 Percocet-a day and a half's worth of pain meds(ugh).  Since Percocet did nothing for the pain in the ER, why do they think it's going to help the next day? 8-(

Blood clots use to land you in the hospital for 7 days with a heparin IV in your arm.  Now they send you home with a prescription for heparin injectables....

Yes, I am now giving myself shots of blood thinner.  I have needles and I know how to use them.....
Lucky, lucky me!!! 8-)

I am also on anti-coagulant therapy(Coumadin)and being monitored by the Anti-Coagulant Management Clinic.
Try saying THAT 10 times real fast!

I am having to have blood drawn and checked every couple of days to monitor/adjust the levels of blood clotting ability in my blood.  Not having enough of the drugs in my system won't help much but having too much could kill me.
How comforting....

Because I can't walk at ALL on my left foot since Friday morning I have nurses coming to the house to draw blood and I get phone calls every day about my levels and how much Coumadin to take that evening.
Between the blood draws(plus the pokes when they couldn't locate a vein)and the heparin shots I've been poked 13 times since Thursday afternoon.

I still can not bear any weight on the left foot so I have been spending my days going from the recliner to my desk chair(which has wheels), which I use to scoot into the kitchen to get my pills or to get to the makeshift Redneck Portable John.....which most people call a 5 gallon white bucket, since I can navigate well enough to get into the bathroom and to the toilet.
I haven't seen my bed or a shower since Thursday morning and miss it so..........sigh

After talking to the case worker for my family doctor I got a new prescription for more Percocet, at double the dosage, which seems to help me get the pain from an 8.5 to about a 2 on scale of 10, at least for a few hours at a time.  It's the only reason I am getting any sleep right now.

I'm hoping to see some progress with the pain in the foot by tomorrow but every medical type person I talk to says getting to where I can walk on that foot may take awhile longer.  At any rate, I have a follow up appointment at the doctor's office on Monday but unless I can walk to the car and into the dr. office and back to the car and into the house by then, it won't be happening.

The medical types seem to feel that the painting marathon precipitated the clot, which is actually good news.
If there is no "event" that they feel caused a DVT the medical types want to keep you on this drug regime for the rest of your natural life, even if you have no history of blood clots.
If they can pinpoint an "event" you are only doomed to all the shots and drugs and pokes and unwanted attention for 6 months.

See? I really am lucky.

So post something on your blog for me to read or leave a long comment so I have something to do while I sit and can't sleep for the next few days.  I need entertainment and tv is a wasteland this weekend.

Sluggy-the lucky one with a needle and who knows how to use it



  1. Oh my goodness! You need some cheering up. Here is a link to some videos by my favorite comedian, John Pinette.
    We saw him at the Kirby. He's great.

    1. Hehehe...I love Pinette! Morte di fame, morte di fame.
      Thanks for the cheering up. 8-))

  2. Being on that med for the rest of your life does not seem like much fun. Did they tell you not to eat green vegetables? That's what the doctors say to my friends.

    Don't they call the painting marathon an "event?" What would make this an event?

    Happy chair rolling! I would just knock a bucket over or spill it or fall off, probably all three. They can give you a prescription for a bedside commode that you can keep right beside the Hubs will like that new piece of furniture.

    You must have seen my inflation calculator and genealogy post by now. If there is anything that interests you it would have to be money and dead people.

    Hope you can walk soon. Oh, the crack about money was supposed to be gentle teasing since you are so good with money. I may have been too subtle.

    1. Yes, I have to watch the Potassium intake now too. Spinach and other greens are a no-no right now.
      The painting marathon was the event, or so they think. It's a safe bet it was.

      I saw your will/inflation post. That was interesting to a money geek like me, thanks!

    2. Oh, okay, I am glad you had an "event" instead of having to be on this forever! Well, it is some consolation. Please, have no more events.

      Glad you enjoyed it. I was laughing when I posted about the will, "Well, I have ancestors, too."

  3. Darlin' once you got a few paragraphs in, I started to think blood clot. Talk to your GP about this. It might make sense for you to be on an aspirin regimen. We now believe that persistent leg cramps were a sign that there were clotting issues with my husband. Since his blood clot/heart attack and starting Plavix and Aspirin, his cramps have disappeared. You DO NOT want a clot anywhere outside of your leg. Whether it's i your heart, lung or brain -- it's a losing proposition!

    1. I am already on a baby aspirin regime. I thought sitting for long stretches was your way to a DVT, not moving the
      I've had no leg cramps either, in fact, my legs still feel fine. Weird....

  4. Have you been getting your INR checked on a regular basis? That should have prevented a DVT in the ankle, with the coumadin being titrated per the protocols. The injectables are Lovenox, which usually doesn't need an INR drawn, as it's a heparin derivative. I hope you feel better.

    1. Yes Debbie, the blood draws now are to check the INRs(plus whatever else they are checking). I already had the clot per the sonogram. The Lovenox is to kickstart the Coumadin and I'm only on it for about 5 days.

      As soon as the clot starts breaking up and the foot gets better blood flow I'm sure I'll feel fine, thanks!

    2. Could you repeat that in plain English?

  5. Sluggy I knew this was a blood cot before You go to that part on the post. I am sorry but be very very careful. I also give myself shots. Fun!

    1. Yep, I'm following directions from the docs/nurses to the letter til this gets resolved. I know blood clots are serious business.
      Maybe if we ever get together we can inject each times!lolz

  6. Seriously girlfriend, that is a crappy day. Wishing you good health soon - I can't believe you have to give yourself shots - seems a bit weird.

    1. It was either learn to self-inject or check into the hospital for a week and I am NOT going that route if I can avoid it.
      Thanks for the good thoughts....

  7. Sluggy, I am so glad the drs kept checking and did not just send you home with a "we don't know". Hope you are better soon!

  8. So far I'm managed to avoid blood clots, not without a couple of scares. My aches and pains tend to be chronic and just "under the radar" of needing medical attention. I am glad your experience, while awful, is now under control.

    Peace <3

  9. Thank goodness that last doctor in urgent care decided to check one more thing. Being in the ER until 2 in the morning is no fun but at least you won't have to go back to the ER because they hadn't found what was wrong.

  10. I put up a Southern thang, just for you. I write these ahead of time so I will have something on hand. Go on over and laugh lots.

  11. "If there is anything that interests you it would have to be money and dead people."

    LOL at Linda :)

  12. Bloodclots are scary.

    I could tell a pretty funny story about how a many I was dating ended up with one from a very simple action while he was at my house, but I wouldn't get very far into it before you'd be crying "way too much information!".

  13. Dang Sluggy,
    What a mess for you! So sorry you are in such pain and I am definitely wishing you a speedy recovery. Pain sucks!!!

    Take care :)

    Lisa @ Cents To Save

  14. Dang-I hate this laptop--had a long reply typed and it is now gone! I'm sorry you are dealing with a clot now. I know so well the pain you are going through. I ended up in the hospital for 5 days in March because I had a clot all the way from my abdomen to my ankle. I had the shots for a few weeks and I've been on warfarin since March. I go this week to see if I can get off it so I can have the rest of the genetic testing they can't do while I'm on it. I've been told I'll go back on it after the testing and be on it forever=( I've been given nothing for pain since I got out of the hospital-another=(!! I do so hope you get some relief soon and you are on short term drug therapy. I found some really informative groups on facebook. Email me if you have any questions or want to talk!! Take care.

  15. You are a damned mess. I leave you alone for what, two weeks and you are peeing in a bucket.
    Get better soon and you could use the pee bucket to wash up in. Just a loving thought.

  16. Oh my goodness you poor thing! Get better soon. The problem sounds horrendous and the treatment sounds worse.

  17. Oh no, that's awful. Glad they caught it before they sent you off. I hope that after this episode is over, you will be feeling a lot better. Poor bed must be lonely too!

  18. Oh my gosh... you have had quite the ordeal. I sure hope everything will resolve itself okay for you. So scary how close you came to being discharged before they found the problem. Get better soon!
    -Denise @

  19. Big hugs. I'm so sorry to hear you're going through all of this. Fingers crossed that you get your blood/foot situation resolved quickly & are feeling on the mend soon!

  20. We need a foot update or more importantly, are you still tinkling in a bucket?

  21. Oh my you be careful. Blood clots are nothing to play with. My father took coumadin for many many years as he had chronic bloodclots.


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