Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Last Day of July in Sluggyland

So here is how I ended July yesterday.

Besides buying my test prep supplies.....

I was reading the Miralax instructions on the bottle and it's 2 WEEKS worth of preparation.
And they want me to take the ENTIRE BOTTLE over the course of 13.5 hours?
No Wonder I'll be in the bathroom all night tonight....geez!

I bought my prep supplies at Dollar General because they had the lowest prices.....and I used $1 Q on both the Miralax and the Dulcolax.
But even so, that Miralax stuff was $9 for a big bottle!!!

Being majorly constipated is expensive it seems......

I hit the Bread Outlet since my last trip was nearly a month ago and we were on the last dregs of the last loaf of bread.  I also got donuts for $1 a box for a treat for Hubs.

I also bought this stuff.....

A new shower curtain for the main bathroom's tub(because company is coming!) and a couple of dvds and a coffee mug.
Yes, on July 31st I began my Christmas Shopping!

These are stocking stuffers for family.  Since 2 of my kids are now living away from home and I don't know if they will make it here for Christmas, I am trying to keep anything I buy them small, just in case it has to be mailed out.  I "heart" flat rate Priority mail boxes..... ;-)

And at least still having my Christmas/Winter tablecloth on the kitchen table where I photograph stuff(hey! Don't judge me) works for this bunch of things I bought. lol

Then I went over to Ollie's Bargain Outlet(Good Things Cheap!)to just look around.
And you know I can't go in there without finding something that has to come home with me......
That is where I picked up the dvds and coffee mug above.

I ended up buying some food items....mostly junk foods for #2 Son, as he requested a quantity of crap and we've been out for ages.
I've been real good about staying away from foods I shouldn't eat the last few months but I had a moment of weakness and bought a bag of hot dog flavored potato chips.

I went home later and made myself a big hamburger and ate some of those chips.
After about 3 chips I had to stop though as they were sooooo salty to me.
Good but so salty I couldn't STAND it!

The dreaded low salt diet strikes has ruined salty snacks for me.....sigh.
But that's a good thing so maybe I won't crave them so much anymore when I remember this unpleasant experience.
Or I'll just start craving unsalted or lightly salted chips and

I also just wandered around in Ollie's Bargain Outlet(Good Stuff Cheap!)and looked at the toys.

Ollie's use to be a great source for me for old toys to sell on eBay, back when I did that.  They get in their Christmas toy stock in August/September for the Holiday season and toys are everywhere in their stores come Fall.
I use to write down information on toys and go home and check eBay if they were at a price worth buying and reselling.
But I had my new camera with me so I just took some pictures of toys on the down low instead.

Model kits of historical guns.
Of course this is in the store, after all, this is Pennsylvania where we cling to our guns and religion. ;-)

Some cool jigsaw puzzles featuring the art of Don Roth.

Something I found that my Daughter would have loved.....if they had made it oh, 18 years ago.....
I use to have to read that book to her multiple times a day/night when she was little.   The words are still locked into my long term memory banks....
"....Goodnight comb, and goodnight brush, goodnight nobody, goodnight mush....."

How about more guns?!

I thought this trivia game was cool.  It's for adults and went for $50 suggested retail.  But it's not worth selling on eBay....
I might buy one though and bring it on my road trip in a couple of weeks anyway.


 More stuff not worth bothering with to resell.....

Yes, the last thing I need to do is get into buying stuff to resell on eBay again and I resisted.
Go me!

I did pick up a Birthday card for my Aunt.
I reconnected with her this week, when she returned my phone call I made to her last week.
My brother had gotten a call from her at Christmas time last and he gave me her phone number and address.  I had an address for her but turns out she hasn't lived at that place for years now, so whoever lives there now was not having my cards returned and just throwing them away, so I never knew my mail was NOT reaching her! ugh.

Well that's all in the past now and hopefully we can have some sort of relationship going forward, and I can get back in touch with my only cousins, whom I haven't seen since I was about 10 years old.
My Aunt will be 80 in just over a week from now.
I am thinking about putting a small package together to send to her for her birthday but I have no clue what she likes.  I don't know what foods she can eat and I don't know if she likes flowers either.

So if you had an 80 yr. old relative who you didn't know anything about to gift, what would you send?




  1. Send 80 y.o. aunt a picture of you and the family, in a frame. That would mean a lot to her.

  2. Send her some self-addressed, stamped envelopes and note paper so she can write you. Maybe a set with only a few stamped and addressed to you. Even if you don't know her health issues, I would still send some chocolate, just a small amount. My elderly neighbor always liked a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant. That was the best present anyone could give her. She could treat a friend or her family. Of course, you don't know what is her favorite restaurant.

  3. Eep, Christmas shopping in July! That reminds me that I need a med-school care package for my half brother... hmm, maybe I will stalk stores next week. I don't know how much a toy gun would fly in Florida, though! That Goodnight Moon game... that's pretty cool. You'd be surprised that's the #1 book request when we do Christmas bear/adoptions at work.

    Sucks they never returned the cards back. That's sort of mean! And sorry, can't help with the gifts... I have trouble gifting my own family during Christmas (I've decided they get cash unless I find something, but I wont spend much looking), so yeah. Horrible person.

  4. THANK YOU! You bought Herr's Potato Chips! My brother has worked for them for years and years, so you are helping to keep my brother employed. (Granted he works in Southern Ohio, but every chip does its part!)

    Peace <3

  5. Since CTMom & Linda already suggested my first choices, perhaps a bulb in a pot that she could grow -- my mother and aunt always liked those

  6. I've yet to have an older relative that didn't enjoy a subscription to "Reminisce" magazine. If she likes to read but has decreasing vision, I've found large print books or a subscription to a large print edition of Reader's Digest magazine to be a nice gift.

  7. I love the Reminisce mag idea!


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