Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday Night Party

It's Saturday night on a Labor Day Weekend.

I feel like about you?

Let's kick it old school circa 2000's....


If I was 25 years younger I'd be out gettin' stooped like this...... Instead I'm an old lady sitting home chair dancing. lol

Sluggy Peas


  1. I am right there with you in my recliner!!

  2. Sluggy, Lisa and I are rockin' old school! Or just the recliner. LOL who gets the lifter recliner?

  3. If I were 25 years younger? Well, I am not, so I am just here slumped in my chair, nursing my back.

  4. I'm your dance partner!

    Did you ever see the SNL skit where they parodied the Black Eyed Peas? So stupid but so funny too!

    In our family we LOVE the Sesame Street segment with My youngest grandson could be soothed in nearly any situation with this video!

  5. The internet just ate my response. Oh well .... in a nut shell

    I was trying to say that I will totally be your dance partner. I dance just about as well as you would imagine an old fat white woman would but make no mistake...... inside I am a soul train dancer!

    In our family we love the Sesame Street episode with Will i am This song would sooth my youngest grandson in almost any institution

    Have you ever seen the SNL parody of the Black eyed Peas members? So stupid but so funny too!


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