Friday, August 16, 2013

Quick Summer Road Trip of 2013 Update

Well we are at the end of Day 3 of the Great Summer Road Trip.

I am so behind on getting anything written up and posted.  It's all I can do to download photos/movies, edit them, upload them to YouTube so I can post them on Blogger(since Blogger doesn't like any movie I try to post over 30 seconds long...ugh).

I'm trying to balance staying "in the moment" and having fun with updating the blog......and obviously the blog is losing out on that deal.

We arrived at Sonya Ann's house yesterday evening.  She promptly hugged me, shoved a biiiig drink in my hand and that's about all I remember from that night.  ;-)

I'll get the full story up on the blog eventually when we are done driving all over creation to see all these folks on this trip.

For now, here's a little boring film I took early on Thursday morning.....sort of my video version of  "snooping in your friend's medicine cabinet".  lol

More later as events develop......



  1. I love that you guys have the same couch!!!!! I must admit to having a similar one with smaller flowers in the family room.

    And I even might own a prec moments or two or 20!....but really why is her house so clean? HMMMMMMMMM I can't wait for the full story

  2. LOL...Do you know how creepy you sounded? Hilarious. I think you have some sort of voice career potential.

    Just enjoy your trip and tell us about it when you get back. Well, if you really want to snoop...we're watching, living vicariously.

  3. Haha. Too funny. Too bad I don't have a place for you to snoop around. I'd random stuff just to make people wonder! Keep us posted, and have lots of fun!

  4. I do not believe you were at Sonya Ann's house. this was a mistake and a total strangers house....


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