Thursday, August 1, 2013

Guess What I Am Doing Today?

I'll give you a big hint.
I ran some errands yesterday.

Look at what I bought......

If you are a woman or man "of a certain age" you KNOW what I am doing today!
It's become a "rite of passage" as it where at my age. lol

To all the rest of you out there who can't figure this out.....just wait until you turn 50 and get to join this exclusive'll find out.......

So besides that I'll probably be posting a lot today/tonight since I have to be near a bathroom and can't GO anywhere to speak.  ;-)

Sluggy-not having a fun day


  1. Ha! I got the prep for that two years ago, but not what you got. The stuff I got had warnings of liver damage. Since I hurt in area of liver/gall bladder/pancreas, I just refused to even think about the test. However, I am going in two weeks to have the down-the-throat part done. And, I have a gall bladder ultrasound scheduled for next week. Have fun tonight! And tomorrow.

  2. I went thru that twice. After a day without food and a night without sleep, I was happy to go under the anesthesia. I hope it goes well and that your results are negative.

  3. My hubby just had this done. Idiot that he is, he refused pain killers. Did it on the raw, so to speak. The entire hospital thought he was nuts.

    And I'm married to him. LOL!

    Everything worked out fine. In the end. No pun intended. He just does NOT like pain killers. Period.

  4. You know, I would have had no idea, but coincidentally enough, Robyn ( just posted this yesterday... wonder if it's related? Sure doesn't sound fun. Err, good luck, I guess? Ha.

  5. I know what you are doing!!!! Clean Out Day!! I'm sorry....I know that it isn't fun!! I just had surgery 4 weeks ago....another bowel I know all about the no-eating thing. It's yukky, isn't it!! Hang in there! :)

  6. Yikes, good luck!!! Prune juice works pretty well too.

  7. Oh, it is one of the worst preparatory regimen there is. I feel for you!

  8. Skipped my colonoscopy at 50, perhaps when I'm 52? Ugh. Don't want to do it!

  9. Fun stuff! I just turned 41 and have to get my first one (10 years before the age my Mom was diagnosed, which was 51.) And my mom is fine now. :) I'll be calling soon to schedule! Seems as though every clinic/doctor has their personal preference as to what they prescribe for prep. My doctor prescribes pills plus a small bottle of clear, salty liquid.


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