Saturday, August 17, 2013

Day Four "On The Road Again" of the Summer Road Trip of 2013 Teaser

Another real quick post from me today.
Today is a busy one with the wedding happening and all.

So I'll just post another quick video from yesterday.

We stopped en route to our Day Four destination to meet and have lunch with a couple of online friends I've known for 14 years but have never actually met in real life.

After the hugs and giggles upon meeting finally, we settled in to the important stuff.....eating lunch! lol
The waitress told us about the specials, and since it was Friday most if not all of them revolved around seafood.
After she rattled off the list of fish and shellfish goodies available on that day and left, I looked at Hubs and said, "Should we dare even think about having the FISH SANDWICH??!".

Ya see......oh lord, sit down and get a drink, this will be anything BUT brief.....

a few years back when we use to drive our kids to summer camp on Lake Erie, we stopped one year for lunch before the drop-off at a place called KING'S RESTAURANT.  It's a local chain-type family restaurant place with modest prices and home cooking.
My hubs ordered the fish sandwich and when they brought it to the table, it was a regular sized sub roll with a piece of fried fish 3 TIMES the length of the roll.  Honestly, it was like a ginormous filet off of a whole 8 lb. fish!

Not having much of a censor between my brain & what I am thinking and what comes out my mouth, I half yelled, for the whole room to hear, "Holy crap!  That fish is HUGE!"
At that, Hubs, shot me a look that would kill, which just made me bust out laughing.....which in turn, made all 3 of our kids fall into hysterics.....which in turn made Hubs face go red and piss the heck out of him......which in turn made me NOT be able to stop laughing.  Hubs would glare at the kids and they would quiet but then he'd try to take a bite of that sandwich(wrestle with it really!).....and that would make me start up laughing again, which would cause the kids to begin snickering once more.
After about 15 minutes of this, we finally settled down and could eat without going into spasms.

So ever since that day we've had a 'thing' about fish sandwiches and the ordering of them, when we see that item on a menu.

But on Friday, Hubs dared the gods and ordered the fried Walleye fish sandwich at Cindy's Home Cooking Restaurant in Mendota, Illinois.

Sorry for the somewhat lengthy explanation but I needed to share that(if you haven't read about that story on the blog)before you watched this quick you know why I took this video.  ;-)




  1. I have NEVER seen so much fish hanging off a sandwich! That is a very good story of fish and contagious laughing.

  2. I haven't read your post yet but I have to tell you that your new background wallpaper thingie is shockingly lovely.

  3. LOVE your videos Sluggy! I'm just now catching up with my blog reading!
    How fun for you to visit with two blogging friends! ;)! Can I be next?

  4. Wow, you're lucky. My "luck" with fish sandwiches is actually fishing for the fish! It's mostly mustard/caper and bread and breading.


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