Monday, August 26, 2013

Bread & Soup is What's for Dinner

When the broccoli from the garden needs picking and you have a cool-ish day, why not make Broccoli Cheddar Soup?

That's just what I did today......I only needed 1/3rd of a brick of Velveeta from the store(cost under $2 for that much).  I had all the other ingredients at home.

And I cut my French bread recipe in half and made 2 loaves of nice crusty bread.  The recipe makes 4 loaves but with only 3 of us at home now, that is way too much bread.

No bread machine needed......just my two hands and a little elbow grease......

A simple and filling dinner and pretty darn cheap too. 8-))

And there are plenty of leftovers for later this week.

Tomorrow we eat some on the tomato crop coming in now......



  1. That looks sooo delicious. Yes, I do need a bread I use a cheese sauce that costs $99 pouch and makes two cups. I keep it around all the time. I must put some broccoli in it. Now, I have to go eat and keep in mind that I want to lose weight.

  2. That looks soooooooo good!

  3. That broccoli soup looks delicious!

  4. I may have to shamelessly rip off this recipe! Here, it's our potatoes that are overtaking us. It's getting so I can't look a potato in the eye anymore. Green beans are all done and canned, beets I pretend not to see, cucumbers ready to pickle, onions ready to dehydrate, but my tomatoes refuse to redden! I may have to go out there and tell them dirty jokes.

  5. That't it I'm coming over for dinner, I don't care how long the drive is or how sick I get from cheese. It's a done deal!

  6. This is our son, Chance's, favorite food. It looks yummy!


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