Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to School Giveaway

It's that time of year again......Back to School time.

So I gathered a bunch of freebies or "almost freebies" I had sitting around my house and I'm giving them away to one of my fabulous readers!

So if you have kids heading back to school soon(or have already started back)or grandkids or you yourself can use this stuff, or you know a teacher who would like to have this stuff handy as spares or know a charitable organization that collects school supplies to distribute to the needy, come enter this Giveaway.

Here is what I will be sending the winner.....

1.  2 notebooks
2.  3 book covers
3.  1 box of business sized envelopes
4.  2 packages of pencils
5.  2 packages of ballpoint pens
6.  2 rolls of cellophane tape
7.  1 package of glue sticks
8.  1 bottle of glue
9.  1 pack of highlighters
10.  2 pencil sharpeners
11.  1 big eraser
12.  1 pack of pencil toperasers

Not bad, huh?

This entry time will run from when this spiel is posted until next Friday, August 23rd, at 11:59pm.
That's when I'll draw the winner and post the results on Saturday.

So for this giveaway, you can enter every day.  Just leave a comment about anything you want for an entry each day.
You can also have 2 extra entries each day for being a follower or posting about the giveaway on your blog of on Facebook with a link back to my page.  Just do either or both and leave a comment and the link in your comment on this post. 
If you do all of this each day you can have 3 entries daily X 7 days=21 entries total for this giveaway.

Happy Entering!



  1. I would follow you anywhere

  2. Can I keep some of the supplies or myself since I LOVE school supples,,the smell, the newness of them alsooo....sigh

  3. You are already approved for up to $100,000. Gerber Life.

    You said post about anything... Just reading the envelope on my desk!

  4. Sigh I dont have facebook but you are on my blogroll...:0) and I swear I would def give the kids the school supplies not um..hide them for me..nope not me..

  5. Anyway as my second entry I would probably keep some for my middle one and youngest and then donate some to the hospital since we are having a school supply drive!

  6. I have my eye on the Scotch tape.

  7. I'd enter but I never win anything.

  8. Not sure how I wandered onto your blog, but I've been following and reading for quite some time :)

  9. My grandchildren could use all this. Saturday entry.

  10. See your giveaway promoted here:

    Second entry for Saturday.

  11. I am a follower and you are on my blog roll. Third entry for Saturday.

  12. im a follower and a facebooker but i want someonelse to win

  13. Thanks for offering the giveaway!!

  14. Nice prizes!

  15. I am a follower and you are on my blog roll.


    A reminder is on another post. Now, I have to repost about this every day? I am trying really hard to win this!

  17. Here is the post directing people to your blog.

  18. I hope you are not getting lots of rain on your road trip!

  19. You are still on my blog roll.

  20. You are very tiny in that picture. What are you doing down there? ...second entry for today.

  21. I am a follower. I think I have been saying that you are on my blog roll instead of saying I follow you.

  22. Here is my comment: I really really want this!

  23. And here your giveaway is on my blog once again.


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