Saturday, August 24, 2013

And the Digging Out Begins.....

Oh, how I love the end of a Summer vacation!.....she said, dripping with sarcasm.......

We've had one day back to decompress and now the mountain of laundry, the mess in the fridge and kitchen, and the jungle that sprouted up in the yard while we were gone ALL gets tackled over the weekend.

We also have to get ready for the Home Repairs/Renos to commence and I have 4 medical appointments coming up the week after next while the handymen will be here working on various projects.

Add in that I have to get Salvation Army to come get the dining room set before the work starts on the dining/living room AND get the Etsy store opened so it looks like I'll have more than enough chores to keep me busy over the next 3 or so weeks.

Sort of makes me want to just leave home

We returned the rental car yesterday and then went to Lowe's to order the rest of the flooring for the living and dining rooms.  I also got some paint swatches so I can decide on a wall color for those rooms.  It looks like I'll have 3 days(Friday to Sunday of the week after next)to get the ceiling and walls painted in the living/dining rooms between the time the handymen repair the walls/ceilings and come back to install the flooring in there.
At any rate, all the work should be completed by September 11th.  Hmmm, I hope that's not a bad sign......9/11....... '-)

While I go pack more dishware up I took out of the hutch, here's a quick trip through the garden I took yesterday morning to see what grew while we were gone for those 10 days.  I didn't take any film of the front flowerbed where our tomato plants are but we did pick our first two tomatoes yesterday.  One got used on the burgers we grilled to eat for dinner(along with a mountain of  broccoli I steamed).  We'll have more coming in fast and furiously once they all start ripening.  I plan on an Insalata Caprese (Caprese Salad)and multiple nights of BLT sandwiches later this week for dinners.
Plus Broccoli Quiche and Broccoli Cheddar Soup on other nights.

What has everyone else been picking from their garden lately?



  1. You made me tired just reading your post. Don't forget to take some time for you.

    1. Yah, I made myself tired writing it. lol
      Nice to see you again Precious. 8-)

  2. I missed the sound of your voice and you! The video made it all better.
    You have a ton of stuff to do!!!!!!! Why are our lists never ending?
    On a brighter note, Den fixed the brakes on my van. Yay, no more squeak!!!

    1. I went to the liquor store yesterday looking for Amaretto in your

      So glad Den fixed the brakes. Now I can stop worrying about you and the van.....I can just worry about you only again. hehehe

      The eternal listmaker sluggy

    2. I love me a good list. I have a few going at all times. It makes me feel safe. LOL

  3. You make me tired, too And you make me feel so lazy. Wait....I don't feel lazy at all. I AM doing some laundry.

  4. We have so much produce i am afraid to go into the garden. We will be eating a lot of veggies this week!

  5. Decompression after a vacation always takes me longer than it should, so I applaud you for tackling everything head on so soon after!


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