Saturday, December 8, 2012

Well Color Me Informed, If NOT Annoyed with Rite-Aid

You may recall that I bought 2 pouches of Betty Crocker Cookie Mix the other day at Rite-Aid.....

These pouches are part of a Food Deal at R-A this week....."Spend $6 on select Food items, Get $2 +Up Reward back" Deal.
These mixes are $2 a bag this week, so I had spent $4(before Qs)for these 2 and I was expecting my $2 +Ups to print out after I bought 1 more bag.
Famous last words, right?

Well I sashayed(yes, us Southern gals sashay!)back up to Rite-Aid today to buy a third pouch of cookie mix and claim my $2 +Ups.

Only, that danged +Ups had the Audacity to NOT print out!
So I had me a nice little online chat with Corporate CS when I got home to see if they could mail me my +Ups.

And that is when I found out something.
First off, the CS gal was NOT going to mail me my $2 +Ups!
Further more, she told me that if I wanted my +Ups I would have to go back up to Rite-Aid, return the 3 bags of mix and then rebuy them in a single transaction.
Well, THAT was my suggested solution anyway.
Miss CS didn't seem to care one way or another if I got an +Up Reward or not.
She was Miss "they don't pay me enough at this job to make me want to care about you and your +up reward" about the whole thang.
I can't blame her really but I was very pleasant the whole time and didn't talk in CAPS to her at all.

So you know that some times at Rite-Aid, when they have these +Up Reward Deals that make you buy multiple items as in multiples of an assortment of items to choose from(I don't mean the Deals where you buy 2 or 3 of one particular item to get an +Ups). 
And you know that sometimes these larger Deals will track because R-A figures you have to purchase everything to satisfy the Deal in MORE than one transaction(especially since R-A is known for not having enough stock on the shelves to satisfy demand for +Up Reward Deals MANY MANY TIMES!), but other times these larger Deals don't track at all and you wonder why it doesn't and why you never get your +Up Reward(s)?

Well, I may be the last person on the Planet Earth to learn this but, straight from the mostly unengaged and BORED CS person to my monitor screen, I learned that.....

In order for a Rite-Aid +Up Reward Deal to track, it has to be one where you are required to spend $10 or MORE to get the Reward.
If a Deal requires you to spend $10 or MORE, you can buy the items in multiple transactions and the Reward will print after you hit the spending requirement.
If a Deal requires you to spend under $10, you have to buy the items in ONE transaction to get the Reward to print.

When I learned this on Friday, the skies parted and I heard angels sing.  Finally, a definite rule from Corporate on which Deals track and which don't.
Definite until it doesn't happen that way in real life when I go back to the store. ;-)

So I'll be hauling these mixes back up to my Rite-Aid to return and rebuy and get my $2 +Ups.
Really, how difficult would it have been for the CS to mail me that Reward?
So I get to let my store's employees generate more paperwork and work for themselves, during the Holiday season when they have NO time for extra work!, instead of making an online CS person, who has no customers lined up 20 deep at a register glaring at her/him like the store employees do, put my name/addy on an envie and stuffing a $2 +Up into it and dropping it into the "outgoing" mail pile.

Ho-Ho-Ho Rite-Aid......



  1. I doubt you are the only person who does not know this information. We Southern girls do Mine is more of a hobble, sashay, stagger, now. I will get my sashay back. You take yours down there to RA and show them and get it all right. I have had to return things to get the deal. However, I usually just carry the receipt and get one product from the shelf to let them scan.

    One day, I actually put 12 boxes of cereal in the cart and carried them back. I had been overcharged. Not only that, I did not get the deal. Plus, I found coupons for all of them. I assured them I was not returning the products. The CS women were mightily relieved.

    1. I am not past returning stuff if I don't get the price advertised.
      Southern gals have a veneer of gentility but underneath is a core of cold hard steel. ;-)

  2. I've never heard of that before! But I still can't believe she treated you like that. I wonder if it truly is a holiday pressure. I had a similar situation with Walmart a week or so ago :(

    1. I guess you always have to give the other person the benefit of the doubt. Could have been she had stuff going on in her life that made her "difficult" to deal with that day.
      But making me go back to the store and "fix" the problem did nothing for MY attitude either. lol

  3. I don't work at Rite Aid, but I shop there enough to feel that I know their policies inside and out. This is a new one to me. I'm curious to know if your return/rebuy works. I myself bought 2 Eagle Condensed Milks and a Dominos Sugar in one transaction and did not get my UP. It turned out that the sugar rang up $1.99 because of my Gold Wellness discount, thus I was 1 cent away from qualifying.

    1. Theresa, I hadn't read anywhere online where anyone had posted this "only tracks at $10 or up" policy with the +Ups deals, so that's why I mentioned it.
      I am sure if R-A put the word out about this cut-off amount with the tracking that it would cause a lot less problems for some of us regular R-A shoppers.

      That "don't hit the total, due to Wellness discount" on some deals had gotten me as well. And other times, it's been a blessing and made my totals less.
      I would have returned all 3 and bought an extra item in your case....since you were buying the 3 anyway, you might as well get a 4th and it would have been free(after +Ups), right? But what a hassle tho. ;-)

  4. I didn't realize that it was my discount that made the sugar ring up for $1.99 at first. Showed the CRT to my manager, who said, "that's weird" and just gave me credit for the $2.00 UP on my next transaction. Then when I got home and studied my receipt, the light bulb went on!


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