Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tying a Knot & Hanging Onto 2012

What is it with all you people posting your goal results for 2012 and posting your 2013 Goals?

2012 is not over yet.
And I am just trying to get through December and everyone already has their 2013 shit together?!
Should I just throw in the cyber-towel now and call Game Over?
I'm sorry but I can't even "go there" with Goals for this year OR next year yet.  Plenty of time for that once the calendar rolls over into January.

I am still trying to get our Christmas tree ornamented.  The kids seem to have no interest in what is ON the tree, just what is UNDER the tree.

My time in eBay HELL is over for now.
I closed it down on Tuesday.  Better to shut down a week before Christmas than to leave myself open to dealing with panicking last minute gift buyers.
I already had one of them screw me over on Tuesday......asking questions(which I answered promptly), then buying something, then sending me a "I can't afford that, never mind" email a few minutes later when they actually looked at the shipping costs for the item.
On second thought, I should have closed it down a day sooner and would have avoided this asshat.

At least eBay HELL helped pay for Christmas and got some more things out of the house.

Now I get to clean the dining room aka "eBay shipping & packing central" and stack up the eBay storage tubs in the corner until after Christmas.  Now if only Hubs would stack the Christmas tubs somewhere other than the living room, things would look a bit neater in here.

I've got most everything wrapped at this point.  One gift has still not arrived and the chances are it won't get here before the 25th, but I knew that was a possibility when I ordered it back in November.  It's all good.....
Speaking of wrapping paper......I don't think I can ever use up what's here if I live to be 92.  90 maybe, but 92?....unlikely.
If I try to buy wrapping paper the week after Christmas, please come here and wrap my knuckles, willya?

I accomplished the gifting without stepping foot into a mall and most big box stores.
I did venture into Target with Hubs a couple of weeks ago with a $10 off $50 purchase Q but didn't see a thing worth buying.  It did give me some claustrophobic feelings and upped my stress level a notch or two.  Damn you Target Q!
And just for the record, my last trip before this one into a Target was about 2 years ago.  I do not "heart" Target.....

The only stores I've been in this month, besides that Target misadventure, are Rite-Aid(of course!lol), the Grocery stores, Ollie's, the Dollar Tree Store, KMart, Dollar General, and Bed Bath & Beyond.  Oh, and Sears to pick up an online order.  Gee, maybe I DID step foot in alot of store after all. ;-)

I am not looking forward to the Band Concert on Thursday.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE listening to my youngest playing for an audience.  It's the audience that I can't stand.
People around here make very bad audiences.  The grownups talk incessantly while the kids are performing and play with their phones.  They let their young kids wander and run about the auditorium unsupervised while they pretend to listen and play with their phones.
It's so rude and disrespectful of the performers!  And then they wonder why their kids grow up to be rude and disrespectful?

Give me my days back in the Opera world where you had to wait for an intermission to be seated if you came in late and there was no getting up and down to get a drink or use the rest room.
Maybe if they started charging for these recitals people would value the performance more and not bring their "too young to sit still" brats and stop texting long enough to pay attention?
Probably not.....

#1 Son is due home on Saturday.
He may look like this.....

But he'll always be this to me......

 I miss him so much because he hardly ever comes home and we don't see him much.  Of course, after he's been here 5 days I'm ready to send him back.  I like to think that it's because we are both strong personalities and so alike in many ways.   Or he's just a

Every time I turn on the AMC Channel, they are playing one of the various movie productions of  "A Christmas Carol".  I've seen the Reginald Owens(original one), the George C. Scott and the Albert Finney(titled SCROOGE) versions so far.  No Alistair Sim Version yet....

I have also watched BAD SANTA about 4 times since Thanksgiving.....on Spike TV I think.
Haven't caught "It's A Wonderful Life" yet though.

I really could use "two, tree bottles" of hard cider and a date night with George Bailey about now.

12 more days.....12 more days.......



  1. No goals here yet!:) Still need to clean, bake and wrap the gifts before I can get to anything else. Everything has to wait until after Christmas. But I can't say that I'm not ready for this year to go...Kind of ready for a clean slate all over again :)

    1. I'm all for a clean slate/new year too, but why rush the good parts, like Christmas to get there? lol

  2. So you're the one holding onto this year and that's why it's not moving faster... On with the program, Sluggy! If it was up to me, it'd be March tomorrow! :) Nice that your boy is dropping by on Christmas. Safe travels to him!

    1. Yes, it's me dragging my heels and keeping us all in 2012 still.
      Let me put my grumpy old person hat on and just say that it's young whipper snappers like you who want to rush through life. Now that I'm on the far side of the whole lifetime thing, I don't want to miss what little time I have left. ;-)

      But I am not relishing the snow and hassle it brings....or the biting cold so December right into March would also work for me!lol
      Thanks for the good wishes for the journey. It looks like Sat. there will be weather so he can use the thoughts.

    2. The problem with March is that we are staring straight down the line at tax returns. Can we wish for April 16 instead?

    3. I think sarahy has a good point....April 16th it is!!!

  3. I have NEVER seen Bad Santa and never really had it on my Netflix list... ever. A Christmas Story, for sure! And I've been watching for a tv version of Love Actually but haven't seen it lined up at all... Might have to dig and see if I can find my clean version of it. That way the girls can watch it with me. We love that one.
    Other than saying what I haven't watched yet, I haven't seen much of anything. Every spare minute has been booked.

    1. I really can't see you watching Bad Santa Val. You'd turn all shades of purple from just the language. lol

      I haven't seen Christmas Story either on cable yet. I wonder if TBS is doing it all day on the 25th again?

      Most of my movie watching has been late at night when I can't sleep. No wonder I am tired all day and can't get much done.

  4. 2013?! OMG! I am just trying to get through the week!

    1. Me too Frances! I don't even think I can FIND my 2012 Goals to review them. lol

  5. I really think its all that rush to be first. The first blogger to post goals, like the first store to put up Christmas stuff in September. I am still working on completing goals/projects from 2005, forget new ones for 2013.

    Now that I think about it...isn't 13 an unlucky number?? Do we really want to rush a unlucky year on us?

    We put lights on the tree a week ago. The other night I put some dried orange slices up, and am calling it decorated.

    blessings, jill
    ps. if I were queen bee, it would be July. I would be hanging out at the beach and not this crazy 35 degree weather.

    1. I am feeling a bit better now if you are still working on 2005 stuff. lol

      I am all for skipping over 2013 and heading right on to 2014.
      If I was queen bee it would be July and I'd be in Maine next to a camp fire drinking adult beverages.

  6. Maybe you could think aloud, like how you cannot finish shopping until the tree is decorated. Or, how the tree is lonely and naked.

    I did not reach any of my goals this past year. So, I really am in no hurry to post that and just roll the goals over for another year.

    Yes, you did go in lots of stores, but I am sure made it quality time, not just wandering around fingering things and walking away with just people will return. Please tell me it was quality time.

    1. I haven't looked at my 2012 goals for months and I know I didn't achieve many of them.

      When I "go to the store" it's like when a man goes....there is no dawdling and looking around much, just get what's on the list, pay and leave. Ok, if it's at Rite-Aid I have to stop and chat with the gals and guys who work there. lol

  7. This year has been so overwhelming,crazy, and I don't know how else to describe it! I have posted my 2013 Financial goals already, in hopes of keeping on track and having attainable goals to strive towards.

    My tree has been up since before Thanksgiving (last year we were not able to spend Christmas in out home as we were caregivers for my dad while mom was in the hospital). I was unemployed and employed and then quit to take care of my parents. So yeah... I do want to move on out of 2012.

    Usually I am a "Last Minute Lucy" but this year I "needed" to be more in control and try to have some normalcy around here.

    But it is all good! Each day is a gift and I try not to waste a single one :)

    Enjoy your Christmas and your family Sluggy!

    1. Lisa, sounds like 2012 needs to leave your house and pronto!

      You & your family have a great Christmas too!

  8. I also do NOT "heart" Target! I stopped going there over a year ago because I got tired of them hassling me over coupons. I do most of my shopping at Rite Aid, where everything is FREE!

    I don't even have lights yet on my undecorated tree, and I am still waiting for about half of the gifts I ordered to arrive so they can be wrapped.

    1. Ah, a kindred R-A lover, Target hater. I just never got the appeal of Target....I tried, really I did. It's just a Walmart with a red interior. lol

      I love wrapping gifts. I blast the Xmas tunes and just wrap away. I find it mindless but soothing.

  9. Could I order an asshat from you?
    I haven't seen Bad Santa this year-hmmmmm, will have to add that to the list.

    1. lol....sorry the eBay store is closed for the Holidays now. The asshats are on backorder anyway. lol

      Asshat is my new favorite word....


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