Monday, December 24, 2012

One More Sleep Til The Big Guy Comes!

I finally got #1 Son to put some ornies on the tree.
And I even got evidence that he did....

Of course he put on His ornaments only!
Like this one.....

Hubs finally put a couple on.....

Yah, we can't celebrate Christmas without the Mets.

And he put the beagle on the tree.
Not this beagle....

But this one.....

The Real Life beagle had to guard the tree.....though I did hear more snoring noises out of her than guarding noises....

I think she's worried I haven't put her stocking up yet.

And here's an ornie that tell's you a child of the 1960's lives here....

And here's an ornie that tells you a child of the South lives here....

I was shocked to learn at 19 that not every Christmas tree has a watermelon ornie on it!

It's finally looking a bit fuller in the decoration department.
Maybe now I can get the room cleared out of Xmas tubs.....

I am off to the grocery store, as I have finally decided on what to cook for tomorrow's repast.

Enjoy this while I am gone fighting the food shopping crowds!



  1. I love your ornies! I never saw a watermelon ornament. I do have a Chicago hotdog on the tree. Sammy bought it in Chicago for us.

  2. We have a border collie on the tree. Maybe someone will give us a golden retriever!

    A Merry Merry to you!

  3. But do you have the traditional German pickle on your tree? And is it near the watermelon? : )

    Merry and Happy to you Sluggy! Hope it's a wonderful Christmas at your house.

  4. I have an Auburn ornament. Don't all mamas have pictures of their children surrounded by pompoms? They all made these in kindergarten, so I have three of those. I really need a Rhode Island Red ornament. Probably only Christopher Radko has one of those. Maybe I can make one. Have fun shopping.


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