Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Shopping for Almost Free Using Credit Card Points

One of my children may want a HOT video game this year for Christmas from Santa.
This may or may not be an image of said game....... ;-)

So Santa went in search of this game.  And Santa wanted to find it for a deal without having to actually set foot into a store.

Santa first went to her accumulated credit card points website.  They offered the game in question for 7,500 pts.
Before I hit that buy button Santa then went to see if Amazon had anyone on there selling this game.
And I found it from a Seller, being fulfilled by Amazon so it would be shipped free since it was a $60 game.  Plus the seller in question was selling this new sealed game for $5 less than the suggested retail.

With that information in hand, I went back to my Credit Card's Points website to see how many points I had to pay for an Amazon $50 gift card.
That was only 5,000 points but the actual game from them was 7,500 points.

So you know what I did next, don't you?
I bought an Amazon electronic gift card code, which they emailed me right away.  Physical gift cards take a couple of weeks to be snail mailed to you but digital codes come immediately.  So I spent 5,000 of my credit card points.
I then went onto Amazon and purchased the game using my free gift card code and $5 cash.
I used my credit card for the $5 so I'll get more points for that spending. ;-)

In the end, the game cost Santa $5 cash and Santa saved 2,500 credit card points to use on something else.

Santa is one smart dude dudette!

What kind of deals has Your Santa found lately?



  1. I just cashed in all my swagbuck points for amazon cards which I will use to order the three books my daughter wants for Christmas. And my son has the free amazon shipping things because he is always ordering things for his classroom so my shipping is zippo!!!!!

    1 year of annoying surveys and three free books and a free cd...Ill take it :)

  2. I found the flashlights I want for my daughter and her children and will use Amazon cards to pay for those. There is something else in the cart, but I forgot what. This year, they are all getting things for emergency use, besides what I am getting them that is not emergency stuff. I have one grateful daughter since Sandy hit. She needed no emergency supplies, but there could be a next time. Amazon is saving me this year.

  3. Did I say I got the Amazon cards with Swagbucks?

  4. Well, I forgot that I needed to buy a Christmas present for a friend's child (they've sent gifts unexpectedly for our kids for years & are always very generous), & this is their first Chirstmas with a baby. I did manage to do a $30 survey, & I'm under on my budget overall, so I guess that's good?

  5. I took advantage of a an offer on MyPoints last month to buy $100 in gift cards and get a $10 CVS card. I bought $50 in Panera gc's and $50 in Kohls gc's. I used the $50 in Kohls gc's to take DD #1 shopping on Black Friday for new jeans and leggings and earned $15 Kohls Cash. Yesterday I went back to Kohls and spent Kohls Cash on 3 clearance shirts for DD #2. Cashier couldn't get the security tag off one item, so I picked out another slightly more expensive item and they gave it to me for the same price. They also gave me 15% discount for my wait. So, in the end I ended up with $127 worth of merchandise for $100 investment.


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