Friday, January 6, 2012

More Rite-Aid Shopping for Free & e-Coupon Program Problems

So I went back to Rite-Aid on Tuesday night and bought another set of the items I bought on the 2nd with a couple of additions......
The additional items were the 6 pair of No Nonsense Socks and the big bottle of Alcohol(rubbing, not drinking). ;-)

The socks were on a raincheck from early in December when they were BOGO50%off and gave a $3 +Up Rewards wyb 2 pair.  $1.99 socks, 1/2 off 2nd pr. at $.99=$2.98 w/ $3 +Up wyb 2=FREE Socks!

The Ear Buds I have a raincheck for are still out of stock so no Freebies there yet.

The alcohol......oh my.  If you go onto Rite-Aid's website you'll see that they are touting their "load your coupons onto your loyalty card so you don't have to use paper coupons" program.  Yes, Rite-Aid is attempting to step into the electronic age like the grocery store chains that have e-coupons.
Unfortunately, Rite-Aid's system is NOT working.  I loaded an e-coupon for .50¢ off a 32. oz. bottle of 70% Rite-Aid brand Rubbing Alcohol onto my Wellness Card a couple of days before heading out to buy the bottle in the photo.  While I got my 20% Wellness discount on the item, the coupon did NOT come off my order.

Now I get the great joyful job of calling corporate customer service about this newest snafu.  I guess I'll bring up the Orbit gum deal from before Christmas when I didn't get my $3 in +Ups back for buying 3 packs of gum that week too.
I plan on voicing my displeasure about something always not ringing up right/+Ups not printing right that seems to be de rigeur at Rite-Aid lately.
To have everything go smoothly at the register would just be a pleasure I haven't had in a great while!

Just got off the phone with Rite-Aid.  This was the second call, the first girl was a Wellness person and couldn't help me with this e-coupon issue so she transferred me and after 4 min. on hold they disconnected me. grrrr
So I called back and explained the issue and was told I am one of the first to call about problems with the e-coupons(LUCKY ME!!!)in the country.  I am suppose to get a call back from some High Mucky-Muck about this issue to see what is going on.
Frankly I don't CARE what is going on, I just want my .50¢ discount!
And I want to stop having issues with Rite-Aid EVERY TIME I TURN AROUND!

At any rate, I spent $5 in +Up Rewards, put the remaining $.79 OOP on my free Rite-Aid gift card and received $2 in +Up Rewards back for the Centrum Supplements. 
No cash spent out of pocket yet again.

This order brought me up to $50 toward earning the $20 Resolution +Up Reward.  $50 left to spend to get that.
I can also submit for another $4 in Centrum supplement SCRs and the Oral-B toothbrush SCR under BIL's account.

I have to go back to Rite-Aid before Saturday night, as I still have $3 in +Ups expiring this week.
I don't know what I'll spend that on.  There is nothing I 'need' that's cheap this week.  I could get some Pantene conditioner for #2 son but since he cut his hair he isn't using it as much.  I'll find something we can use that also qualifies toward the Resolution Reward.

What has everyone else bought at Rite-Aid this week?
And have you tried loading and using the e-coupons on your Wellness card yet?



  1. I've pretty much given up on RA. Unless there's something they'll basically hand me free without any hassle, I'm not even going in the store at this point :) So.... did the 50-cent e-coupon situation ever get resolved??

  2. Pretty-Nope.....still waiting on a call back.
    Ain't holding my breath.
    I'm giving up on ALL companies


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