Monday, January 30, 2012

Hopes/Goals for 2012

Since it's still January....ok, just BARELY.....I can still post my Goals for 2012.

Since I didn't achieve all my Goals for 2011 IN 2011, I'm building my Goals for 2012 from where 2011 left off.

Sluggy's Personal List of Goals for 2012

1.  Get all the tax and college Paperwork completed and filed by the end of February.
2.  Convert all my vinyl LPs to CDs and purge the LPs from my life.
3.  Continue to Declutter everywhere.  Finish the garage and move what's in the living room into the garage so that the house is 100% done by April.  Be out of the storage unit by December.
4.  Complete 4 house projects in 2012. 2 inside/2 outside
5.  Read 20 books this year.
6.  Rework the stockpile.  Make it healthier and more compact.
7.  Finish up the eBay sales by May.
8.  Get the sewing going again.  Go through projects in-progress and alterations pile and get rid of stuff.  Sew clothes for myself for a change!
9.  Get the Etsy Store up and running.
10.  Spend more time with family, especially Hubs.
11.  Lose 40 lbs...there, I said it!  Now I have to do it!!
12.  Continue the Savings Challenge with a goal of $20K for 2012.
13.  Continue to be Frugal whenever possible and live well below our means!
14.  Take at least 1 REAL vacation and ENJOY IT!
15.  Just in case I think of something else later, I'm leaving #15 empty.

So tell us dear readers, what areas of your life are you going to be concentrating on making better in 2011?
We need to know!



  1. I only set two read 26 books this year and to complete 12 crafty projects (already started or brand new ones). I'm doing splendidly with the reading; I'm already on my 6th title. Not so much with the crafties. I haven't done anything yet.

    I might follow you in your goal to convert your vinyl. In my case, either CD or MP3 would be fine.I only have a handful of them left. Unfortunately, there is one album I love by an indie prog rock band of the late 60s/early 70s that just isn't available on MP3 (as far as I've been able to tell) and the CD, if you can find it, is about $60. I guess I might hang on to that one.

  2. I like your list! Well, except read books. I don't do that. Reading is for nerds! In fact, I point and laugh at my kids while they are reading. Just kidding. I encourage them to read while I'm watching Judge Judy. I'm hoping they do as I say and not as I do.
    I'll try to think of something for your #15.
    Good luck!

  3. I've told hubby my goal is to make him poop more. We are increasing fiber and micro-nutrients in our diet and this is in part because he wants to lose weight, has blood pressure issues and is almost flirting with diabetes. So far I have been hugely successful!!!!

    And also to keep a cleaner house.


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