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January Food Spending Week 2, Meal Plan January Week 3

*I am taking part in Precious' MONEY SAVING CHALLENGE again for 2012.  You can find her blog FRUGAL MAKES CENTS and a list of other participants and their blogs  HERE.
Check it out.  You might find some new ideas for incorporating frugality into your life there!*

I love searching around for old photos and advertisements featuring kitchens from years gone by.  These are mostly the kitchens from my youth in the 1960's or earlier.  
Today's kitchen......or rather today's appliance in honor of my Birthday, a 1959 Electric Range!

Ok....this ad is actually a 1958's the 1959 one.....

Now I don't think I could stomach a Pepto-Bismol pink kitchen but I truly would have loved to have had a TURQUOISE one!  Not blue, not sea green but true up turquoise.  Like this yummy GE range.  And notice Mrs. Tweed Jacked Pencil Skirt Suit also has those cutting edge metal cabinet doors in matching turquoise!
Back the year I was born they touted these new fangled Electric ranges/ovens as so space age and modern.  No more open flames of gas.  "Keyboard Cooking" was the buzz word. Dials and push buttons with numbers for accurate temperatures.  Automatic timers that were easier to set than a clock.  The oven door was removable for easy cleaning.....well, that was a nice feature but who the heck cleans their oven anymore??lol

This fashionable Cooking Machine's cost started at $149.00 in 1959.
Gulp.....that wold be $1,130 in today's dollars! 

Enough of that, onward to the Meals and Food Spending. 8-)

Last week's meal plan is in the books.  Here is what actually happened....

SUNDAY--bucket of KFC *weekend special for $11*, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, biscuits
MONDAY--Mac and Cheese, Broccoli
TUESDAY--Subway sammies
WEDNESDAY--Kielbasa on rolls, Onions, Ginger Carrots
THURSDAY--Grilled Pork Chops, Beets(leftover), Mac and Cheese(leftover)
FRIDAY--Breakfast for Dinner(Eggs, Pancakes, Meats)
SATURDAY--Fish, Wild Rice, Peach Salad

Except for the bucket of chicken we bought on Sunday and the Subway sandwiches for 3 of us(Hubs was sick), the rest of the food served was already here.  The only thing we needed last week was milk.
Therefore, the food spending was low last week.  1 trip to Weis for Juice and Nestle's Quik where my Catalina didn't print.  Then there were my trips to CVS stores to stockpile Finish dishwasher detergent.
Trips to Rite-Aid also but no actual money was used. ;-)
In all, I spent $39.86 last week at the grocery/drug stores.
I used 26 coupons(25 at CVS on non-food items, 1 at Weis on a food item).

2 Weeks in and I've spent $149.73 of my January food budget.  $150.27 left for the month.

Going into Week 3, we have 1 piece each of kielbasa and salmon leftover.  Since everyone is off of work/school and home today, I am counting on these to be scarfed down for lunch.

This week's menu.....

SUNDAY--Chinese Take-out *I wasn't feeling too well
MONDAY--homemade Pizza, carrot & celery sticks w/dressing
TUESDAY--homemade Chili, Cornbread
WEDNESDAY-- Sloppy Joes(with ground turkey or chicken), Rolls, Green Beans
THURSDAY--Baked Potatoes with Toppings, Mixed Veg.
FRIDAY--Chicken Divan
SATURDAY--Spaghetti Carbonara, Salad

Items needed for this menu are rolls and salad greens.  I have everything else on hand.
The grocery store ads look pretty pitiful this week as well, since it's the "store brand" week here.
I might stock up on salmon this week as somebody had a good deal on it....can't for the life of me remember which store it  I'll pretty much be staying out of the stores this week at any rate.

My menu might change if A-Daughter want's me to fix a favorite food since she is leaving to go back to school next weekend(yay!lol) or if B-I feel worse than I do now......I think I'm getting the flu or it might just be a cold.

So what is everyone else eating this week?  



  1. The turquoise is nice. I had a large set of Pyrex in that same color. But I'm digging the sunny yellow, too. Maybe it's just the winter blahs.

    Here's this week's proposed menu:

    Sunday: Tacos al Pastor
    Monday: Sloppy Joe Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (didn't happen last week as planned)
    Tuesday: Cuban-Style Pork Roast
    Wednesday: Shrimp & Brown Gravy on Noodles (this sounds odd but is amazing)
    Thursday: Leftovers
    Friday: Chicken Dumpling Bake
    Saturday: Chicken Curry

  2. We just had your Thursday meal. Love loaded potato night.
    So what kind of comment did you leave on my site? I'm a bit worried about you and your fingers.

  3. Sluggy,
    So, that's what happened to my oven door that I cannot get off! I went back to Lowe's to find out how to get it off, only to find it doesn't come off. How am I supposed to change the blown-out bulb?!! There is no way that I am turning on the self-cleaning oven without backup. It scares me.

  4. My mom had a turquoise kitchen from the time I can remember until the late 1960's or early 1970's, then she went all avocado green. Until the next phase of Harvest Gold.

    You can tell what time period it is in pictures by the fridge in the background!

  5. I wonder what these ads did for women of my mother's era with the dresses, heels and coif. Well, we never had such a matchy-matchy kitchen. Mama never had anything but gas and liked gas. She grew up with a mother who cooked on a wood stove. It's amazing how gas was denigrated for awhile. Now, it is considered superior.

    The question--I have sausage balls. And, I will make the chicken and dumplings I did not make this weekend.I just eat whatever vegetables are in the crisper, freezer or on the counter--salad greens, tomatoes, cabbages, potatoes, green beans.

  6. I am eating whatever Hubby cooks! Yeah for me!


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