Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 Decluttering P*rn & Other Stuff

Yes, I am back at the decluttering again.  Once the weather improves a bit this is all leaving the garage and heading into Hub's car trunk....well, the stuff that isn't already in there....then off to Salvation Army. ;-)

Matchbox Beetle Car 1:32 scale
Small Soldiers Slot Car Racing Set
Small Soldiers Board Game
4 Racing Champions 1:64 scale Rockin' Steel Cars
7 Johnny Lightning .Com Racers 1:64 scale
6 Matchbox Airplanes
1 Johnny Lightning Wacky Racers car
1 Miniature Drag Racing car
1 Star Wars Yoda figure

3 Micro Machines Miniature Star Trek vehicles Sets
3 Micro Machines Double Playsets
1 Hallmark Floyd the Dog Mug
1 Johnny Lightning .Com Racers
1 Batman Playset miniature
1 Godzilla Playset minaiture
1 Lunchbox Keychain set
1 Set of 101 Dalmatians Playing cards in collectible tin
1 101 Dalmatians Pen in collectible tin
2 101 Dalmatians Christmas ornaments
2 sets of Christmas cards
1 set of Barbie Paper Dolls-1976
3 Women's blouses(used)
5 Happy Holisters books(used/vintage)
1 Silver Plate Tea Service with Tray

2 Wooden Shelves
1 Rock Tumbler
2 Sets of rocks & findings for Rock Tumbler

Load #1 for 2012.
Go me!lol

I got Daughter to go through all her crap I boxed up when she left in August for college.  Her room was a disaster!  It looked like a Stuff Bomb blew up in there.lol  So everything got boxed and shoved into the closet.  She finally went through the boxes last week.  She threw out 3 garbage bags of rags, worn out shoes, paper and junk.  I have 2 boxes in the living room ready to go into my next Sallie's donation.
She threw out 2 perfectly good cell phones which I found in the garbage pile.  I've tucked those away in case somebody's cell phone dies.  It may not be "in" anymore but it will work fine for me.
Anyway, after she got rid of all that crap, there is now room in the large closet in her room to put away ALL the Christmas stuff.
Finally!  Boxes of Christmas stuff don't have to be in the garage or sitting out in the living room all. year. long.
Can you tell I am pleased?

I'm fighting some illness at the moment....sinuses.....flu.....I don't know what it's turning into.
Hubs had been sick all week and has graciously shared whatever he had with me.  I love him anyway.....

I've got a dentist appointment in a half hour and that Women's Club talk on Thursday so falling apart is NOT an option right now.

My eBay store is empty and once I feel better I'll have to fill that up again as part of the Big Purge.

Off to brush my teeth again and get through the day.



  1. My kid #3 would want everything that you are boxing up! Minus the barbies lol!
    The Happy Hollisters! Ohhh brings back memories!
    Hope you feel better!

  2. Good for you! With two people in our household that work for either Salvation Army or a 2nd hand shop, they're bringing junk home every time they work... It's hard to declutter when they're cluttering up right behind you. I'm about to lay down the law!

  3. You really are on a roll!
    I too have a sinus/cold thingy. Grrrr and I need to shovel. It's not making for a happy Sonya.

  4. Wow! You did a great job! It kills me that she threw out old cell phones... Typical teenager! lol! ;) We keep our older phones too...you never know! My son recently broke his with 3 months left in his contract, we just had to pull our last phone out & he was good to go!

  5. I, too, have had to go through "trash" kids were going throw away. How are new clothes with tags trash? Kids!

  6. I never let mine throw out a bag while cleaning until I go through it..throwing out cell phones..how silly

  7. I will see your sinus thing and raise you my diarrhea and vomiting. I will never complain about my sinuses again. Okay, I just lied. I thought it was just sinus drainage causing the vomiting, now I think I am just going to die.


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